Emery Walker’s House Wallpaper Collection

Get ready to be swept away by a tale of friendship and a truly historic home! Morris & Co. has launched an exciting collection that pays tribute to the enduring bond between Sir Emery Walker and William Morris. These two legends created a legacy that continues to inspire us today.

Picture this: Walker, the renowned typographer, and Morris, the visionary behind the Kelmscott Press, were practically neighbors in Hammersmith. They were inseparable, meeting up and sharing their passions day in and day out. From their joint involvement in the Hammersmith Branch of the Socialist League to their dedication to the Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society, they were true partners in design.

Now here’s where things get really fascinating. Walker, as a show of unwavering loyalty to his dear friend Morris, adorned his house with Morris & Co. furnishings. Today, that very house at 7 Hammersmith Terrace stands as a treasure trove of original Morris & Co. designs, making it one of the most significant collections in the world.

Inspired by this extraordinary tale, Morris & Co. has released four fabulous new patterns and reintroduced six beloved William Morris designs in their collaboration collection with Emery Walker’s House. It’s a celebration of friendship, artistry, and history all rolled into one delightful showcase. Prepare to be captivated by the beauty and charm of these remarkable creations.

Samples available for all designs. Free delivery Australia wide.