Palladio Wallpaper Collection

Palladio is an exciting blend of new and classic Zoffany designs.

Palladio offers a wide range of wallcoverings, carefully curated by Robert and Roger Nicholson, the creative minds behind Palladio’s debut 65 years ago. Originating in the mid-century, Palladio brought artistic beauty to public spaces with bold, large-scale designs.

In line with Palladio’s tradition of discovering new talent, Zoffany proudly introduces Sam Wilde, a graduate of the Royal College of Art. His design, ‘Precarious Pangolins,’ stands out in this collection for its artistic flair, modernity, and environmental consciousness, echoing the spirit of the Nicholsons’ mid-century selections.

This collection celebrates both new and timeless artwork with a sense of optimism. Zoffany pairs six beloved Palladio designs with the introduction of new and exceptional British talent.