Till Karin Wallpaper in Folklore Blue by SandbergStep 1. Look down

Start with a good look at your floors. What colour is the floor? What type of surface? Tiles? Carpet? Timber floorboards? Linoleum?

You need to make sure the colours you choose for your wallpaper match the colour, hues and tone of your floor.

Next, consider the furniture in your room. Are you likely to update your furniture in the next year or two? If not, let’s hope that A) it already suits your floors and B) will suit your choice of wallpaper.

Step 2. Forget fashion!

Don’t choose a design just because you think it’s fashionable today. Your feature wall is a small investment, something you’ll want to live with for a while. So go for something that suits the type of home or business you have and that reflects your personality.

And whatever you do, don’t choose your wallpaper to match your current bedroom linen. How long will you have your linen? I bet your wallpaper will last a LOT longer.

Be safe

Still not sure? Be safe (boring?) and go for a neutral palette of creams, browns and greys and all shades in between but choose a wallpaper with a strong design. You can always dress up the rest of your room with colourful cushions, throw rugs, furniture and other accessories.

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