Tips for moving into your first apartment

Tips for moving into your first apartment

One of the most memorable and important moments in anyone’s life is the when you finally leave your family home and move into your first home or apartment. You might have mixed feelings about what being truly independent means.

House keys in the front door

It’s OK to feel a bit apprehensive and worried about what living on your own is going to be like, but at the same time, you’ll probably feel very positive about the move. To help reduce the stress involved in moving house, follow our simple tips for a more pain-free experience.

Things to do

Prepare a budget

Budgeting before you move house for the first time

When you prepare your budget, double-check to make sure all the expected expenses are listed and see if there’s any way you can save some money by either reducing, cutting out or switching a service. Also, allow a buffer to cover you for unexpected ones that are likely to occur. Have a list of all the things and services you have to pay for and any items you need to buy well before you start the packing process.

Be realistic. Ask others what they pay for different services to figure out what your costs might be.

Do a thorough inspection

Next, take your time (if possible) to explore as many options as you can before making the final decision about the place where you’ll be living. Be realistic about what you can afford because you don’t want to get into any financial problems from the start. For example, you need to inspect the property carefully to see if you’ll have to invest in some kind of repair works anytime soon. These can be very expensive, which is why it might be a good idea to ask a professional for help.

Empty room in a house

Also, it’s a good idea to have someone come with you when you view your options. Your friends or family members might have more experience and notice something that you don’t.

Declutter before you pack

Finally, make sure you keep things simple when it comes to packing. Get rid of all the things you don’t really need. You can sell them and add some money to your budget, or donate them to a charity or a friend who needs just the thing you don’t use anymore. Not only will the moving process be faster, but you’ll also avoid cluttering your first apartment.

Things not to do

Don’t overspend

Watch your spending

It’s important to not overspend. Control your spending and check it against your planned budget if you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. This also means you shouldn’t buy things you don’t really need, no matter how tempting their price may be.

Don’t start paying for your utilities until you move in.

Get everything in writing

If you’re renting the place, make sure you have an agreement with the landlord in place before you sign anything.

Clear out

Another problem that you might experience is moving into an apartment to find that it’s still full of furniture or boxes left by the previous tenant. If you can’t deal with that yourself, you can always turn to professionals, such as experts in junk removal from Sydney, who can ensure that you move into a clean and clutter-free apartment.

As long as you deal with the act of moving in a rational and methodical way, there shouldn’t be too many things to worry about. The stress involved can be significantly reduced, and soon you’ll be able to enjoy your new home.

Do you have any moving tips for the first time mover?

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