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Space-saving ideas for small apartments

Small spaces can be challenging to organize and it’s sometimes hard to make everything function without getting too crowded. That’s why thinking ahead is crucial because fitting your entire life into a small space is never easy. People tend to add too many elements with the intention of creating more room, but they just end […]

Home office ideas to boost your productivity

Home Office with Mac on a Desk

Sitting constantly in one place, in the same ambient, surrounded by plain walls and boring ornaments tends to slow your productivity down. You might not be aware of it, but reshaping and decorating our home office in greenery and more vivid colours at least can effectively boost your productivity. Since working from home gives you […]

3 ways to update your living room this spring

Azul Wallpaper from the Tresilio Collection by Harlequin

Between you and me, have you been feeling recently that your living room is looking a little lacklustre? Do you walk into the space and then instantly turn around because you just don’t want to be in there? Is it drab? Boring? Outdated? Or just unwelcoming? Whatever the reason, there is no better time to […]