21 amazing things to create with wallpaper offcuts

There’s no limit to what you can create with wallpaper offcuts. From upcycling furniture to creating wall art or making gift cards, stunning offcuts can help you decorate your home and create unique gifts for family and friends. Get crafty!

Wallpaper offcuts decorating a bookcaseUpcycle furniture with wallpaper offcuts

  1. Decorate stools
  2. Wallpaper a filing cabinet
  3. Wallpaper the top of a lamp table, bedside table or coffee table
  4. Update a chest of drawers with your favourite wallpaper design
  5. Use the wallpaper offcuts as drawer liners
  6. Apply the wallpaper to a fire screen
  7. Put wallpaper on the back panels of an open cabinet or one with glass doors
  8. Put wallpaper on the back of a bookcase
  9. Decorate your staircase kickboards with wallpaper.


Orla Kiely Occasional TableCreate decorative homewares and gifts with wallpaper offcuts

  1. Decorate shoe boxes or timber boxes and create gorgeous storage boxes for your home
  2. Decorate folders, notebooks, pen holders, filing trays and other desk items for your home office
  3. Freshen up old coasters and placemat sets by covering them with wallpaper
  4. Cover a large canvas with wallpaper to create a bold artwork
  5. Refresh an old tray by putting wallpaper on the bottom
  6. Place a large offcut in a frame to create a stunning print for your wall
  7. Cover a lamp with your favourite wallpaper design
  8. Create shadow boxes with wallpaper on the back
  9. Make jewellery and decorate beads
  10. Use wallpaper to wrap presents
  11. Use templates to create small wallpaper boxes and decorative envelopes
  12. Make gift cards.

What not to do? I once tried to make cushions with wallpaper offcuts. Ummm… epic FAIL! Don’t try that one at home.

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