Reflect your style with a statement mirror

Idun Wallpaper by Sandberg in Sandstone

There’s a lot of talk on how mirrors make small spaces look bigger, but did you know, the right choice of mirror can be a standout design feature in a more spacious abode?

More than just a functional tool to check your smile before racing out the door – mirrors can provide a stunning focal point, throw light, and completely change the mood of a room. They’re a piece of art in themselves!

When searching for your ideal mirror, there are a number of things to consider:

  • Size and shape. For example, a large, ornate mirror can make a dramatic statement, whereas a smaller, more minimalist mirror adds a subtle touch of elegance.
  • Frame. You’ll want the texture and colour to complement – not clash with – the overall theme of your home.
  • Placement. Consider where people’s eyes will gravitate within the space, and create a centrepiece. Will you hang it above a fireplace, dining table, or somewhere else? Also, is it one large mirror or a pair of mirrors that will get the effect you’re after?
  • Your existing décor. Do you want to overhaul the design of your room, or will the mirror fit in with what you’ve already got going on?

So, what is your ‘style’ and how do you find that perfect mirror to suit? We’ve got a few ideas for you to reflect on!

poppy damask wallpaper by Sanderson


These days, the original Hamptons style has several offshoots, ranging from French provincial, to a more modern take. Regardless, when it comes to statement mirrors, there are options aplenty!

For a French provincial vibe, it’s hard to go past an elegant, full-length arched mirror. Natural wood frames with a light whitewash, and plain white frames, are classics, but perhaps a striking black frame would make a bigger impact in your room?

For a Hamptons home with a nautical theme, a large, round porthole style mirror can look fabulous. If you’re going for one with an ornate antique gold or silver metal frame, you might pair it with subtle nautical striped wallpaper in light blues or beiges, or even wallpaper in deep navy blue to make the mirror ‘pop’ while adding depth and richness to the room.

Art Deco

Synonymous with luxury and elegance, art deco style has lasted the test of time. And it doesn’t get much more dramatic than an art deco mirror to create a focal point!

A large mirror with a chunky frame in brushed gold or silver could be paired with a Conway style wallpaper featuring bold geometrics and matt and metallic inks.

Or, there’s nothing quite as striking as an art deco mirror designed with strong geometric shapes. You may like to choose a more subtle art deco wallpaper design for this one, to really let the angles of the mirror do the talking.


Ebru II by Zoffany

Whatever shade of blue floats your boat when it comes to coastal décor, there’s a statement mirror for you! The key is to use it to introduce added textures and tones to your overall vibe.

A combination of rustic timbers and textiles, metal, and dark blue and white nautical paint can really make an impact when it comes to coastal inspired mirrors, particularly in a circular porthole style.

And a giant, dazzling, window-inspired mirror can add the perfect touch for a coastal style home, especially when paired with a vibrant wallpaper in a deep shade of your desired blue.


With contemporary decor there really are no ‘rules’ (not that you need to go by rules anywhere in interior design!) – so your choice of mirror really depends on personal preference. Some popular choices include full-size, free standing rectangular mirrors – perfect for the more minimalist décor-lover.

There’s also a trend toward uniquely shaped mirrors to make a statement, ranging from  semi-circles, to small squares, to roughly drawn egg shapes. These could be placed in clusters for extra impact, or – if larger – on their own, for a dramatic effect.

No matter what your style, it doesn’t get much more satisfying than finding that perfect statement mirror and finishing touch for your wall!