Embracing complementary wallpapers: the latest interior trend in 2023

Sandberg Wallpaper flatlay with a candle

Design trends are like ever-changing playlists – they switch up the vibes and redefine how our homes look and feel. Picture this: over the last ten years, we’ve been on a wallpaper journey that’s been quite the adventure. We went from classic patterns and focusing on one big wall to something super cool – a mix of creativity and harmony.

Now, in the stylish year of 2023, there’s a trend that’s got us all excited. We’re rewriting the wallpaper rulebook, tossing aside the idea of just one statement wall. It’s like changing from a solo act to a harmonious duet. No more lonely, bold walls. Instead, we’re all about complementary wallpapers – where the magic is in how the bold and subtle play together.

Mimi Wallpaper in Blush By Sandberg Wallpaper

It’s not just about being loud and proud anymore. Before, it was all about making a grand entrance with that one powerful wall. But things are different now. The name of the game is mixing bold and subtle, like two friends bringing out the best in each other.

The cool thing? It’s not just about one wall grabbing all the attention. Every wall has a role to play. It’s time to embrace the trend of complementary wallpapers and let your walls sing a harmonious tune!

Balancing bold and subtle: Practical tips

Alright, let’s dive into the world of choosing complementary wallpapers without the complicated jargon. Think of it like putting together a stylish outfit for your walls – it’s about finding pieces that look great together and make you feel good in your space. Here’s your cheat sheet for nailing that balanced and eye-catching look.

Stars and Supporters

Imagine your room is a stage and you’re casting actors for a play. Your bold wallpaper is the star, and the complementary one is the supporting actor. They should have chemistry but not steal each other’s lines. Go for a bold pattern for the main attraction and a quieter one for the supporting role.

Sam Wallpaper in Clay by Sandberg
Anabelle Wallpaper by Sandberg in Clay

Here we can see Sam, a simple, chunky stripe in clay, complementing Anabelle, also in clay, a bolder floral choice for a kitchen space.

Colour love

Think of your favourite colour and its best friend. Those are your colour matchmakers. Let’s say your bold wallpaper is a deep blue – its best friend could be a calming grey. They’ll get along like a house on fire and give your room a balanced vibe.

Raphael Forest Mural in Midnight Blue by Sandberg Wallpaper
Kalk Wallpaper in Gray by Sandberg Wallpaper

In this mud room, we can see the bold classic Raphael in Midnight, which can be paired with this subtle gray design, Kalk.

Patterns united

Mixing patterns is like mixing friends at a party. You want variety, but you don’t want chaos. Pair a big pattern with a smaller, quieter geometric, using the same subtle tone from the bold design. Like a bold floral with a delicate gingham. They’ll chat and have a good time, without causing a ruckus.

Ruta Wallpaper by Sandberg Wallpaper in Gray

Shown here is Annabelle again, paired delightfully with this Ruta gingham check in grey.

Textures, high-five!

Just like a cosy sweater and your favourite jeans, mixing textures adds that ‘oomph’ to your outfit. Smooth wallpaper meets textured wallpaper – it’s like they’re giving each other a high-five. The light plays differently on them, creating an interesting visual party on your walls.

Rand Wallpaper in Sandstone by Sandberg

The really subtle pin stripe Rand has been paired with Pine.

The test run with samples

Essentials Collection by Sandberg Wallpaper - match patterns

It’s all about trial and error. Get those wallpaper samples and stick them up. See how they play in different lights, just like choosing the perfect selfie filter. The one that makes your walls feel like a million bucks – that’s the winner.

Sandberg Wallpaper samples and matching patterns

So there you have it, a crash course in picking complementary wallpapers that’ll make your walls sing in harmony. Happy decorating!