How to decorate your home using books

book shelf with a mix of books for decoration

Books are among the most fascinating things that man has ever come up with. Mainly meant for the relaying of information, books have been shown to offer more than just holding knowledge. Read on to learn how to decorate your home using books.

As much as we live in the digital age of eReaders, it’s worth noting that books still play a central part in most peoples’ lives. With this comes the problem of figuring out how and where one can store an ever-growing collection of books. The obvious way out of this making use of bookshelves but they also come with their own sets of uncertainties. Most questions that storage of books raise include; should little accent shelves be used or is better to use wall-dominating shelves? Do I display them out in the open or are subtle approaches better?

What most people don’t know is that you can do much more with books other than storing them. You can decorate your house with them! If you’re wondering how this is possible, below is a detailed home expert reviews of how you can use books as decorations.

Decorate your home using colour codes

Arranging your books by colour is among the most effective ways for you to decorate using books. There are many approaches that you can take to maximize the potential of your books’ colour codes, but there is one proven strategy that you could begin with. This is the creation of a rainbow design using your books as it adds an interesting aura of visual contrast in the room in addition to bringing about a feeling of playfulness.

This can be achieved by compartmentalizing your shelving or arranging books based on colour across a long shelf thus coming up with a linear rainbow made up of hues. Decorate your home with this method that’s an artsy and fun addition to any room, and you will love it!

Decorate using books by going casual, purposefully

Stacks of sky-high books are a great addition to the casually designed type of spaces. For cheap ways to decorate your home, you can come up with towers crafted from books and then spice up things by placing a photo or plant at the top of this tower to give it a more fun and funky vibe.

Get creative with shelving

Being creative with your shelves is one of the best answers to the dilemma of how to decorate your home on a budget. You can set up shelves over doorways, or even under stair spaces and any other place that would fit in reasonably. It’s one of the cheap ideas to decorate your home as well as store books without occupying much of your floor space.

Learn to decorate your home by thinking outside the bookcase

No one should convince you into sticking to only shelves while you’re seeking to decorate using books. You can use almost anything to store your books and then follow this up by placing them in strategic places in the room you’re decorating. An example of a cheap way to decorate your home includes placing your books in linen baskets and wicker baskets in cubby holes.

In case you have a more rustic space, you can choose to place some tiny books in metal buckets. You can’t run out of options because the methods of storing books that you have in your mind can be used to come up with unique room designs.

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