Small secrets for making your home more stylish

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be an expert in interior design in order to make your home look stylish – and you don’t need to spend a fortune on décor either. There are many simple and affordable ways of making your home look modern and beautiful. All you need is some creativity and time. Therefore, to help you spice up your home, here are a few small interior design secrets that might inspire you. 

Introduce a bit of nature

Nothing can make your home look livelier than some fresh flowers. They are simple, easy to get, and they are a perfect finishing touch to any room. Moreover, they can add a pop of colour to a neutrally coloured room, and they can make your home smell great too. All in all, they are a perfect decorative element that can easily bring any room to life.

Choose the right rug

Rugs come in many different colors, designs, sizes, and materials. Plus, whether you choose a big rug that covers your entire room or a small one that is perfect for your coffee table will play a role in how your room is perceived. So, don’t buy the first rug that you see. First, when choosing the best size, think about the effect you want to achieve and the kind of rug that would help you achieve it. Then, choose a color that would complement the rest of the room, and finally, if you prefer a bit more minimalistic style, pick a rug that would add some texture to the room.

Add some folding pieces

If your home is not that big, it’s safe to assume that you probably want to make full use of the space you have. However, as such homes can easily get overcrowded with furniture, you need to choose your furniture items a bit more wisely. For example, you probably need a good work desk – but you also probably don’t need it all day. Therefore, think about introducing a folding desk, so you can easily fold it when you’re done working on it. This would save you a lot of room, and it would make your home look more organized.

Change the handles

Your door handles might seem like a small and unnoticeable detail, but make no mistake – people do notice them. Well, they do when they are ‘noticeable’. So, instead of choosing those typical handles that don’t really add anything to the room, opt for some more unique door handles that would make your doors look more interesting. It’s a small detail that can make a lot of difference, and it wouldn’t cost you much either.

Cover the entire wall

Drift Texture from Poetica by Harlequin

Here’s one small tip that can greatly improve the look of your room – hang your curtains from the very top of the wall. Even if your windows don’t go that far, it can still make your room look much better. What it does is draw attention to the height of the room, which would instantly add a touch of drama to the space. Additionally, if you want the curtains to stand out even more, opt for those in more eye-catching colours and patterns.

Play with colours

Definition wallpaper by Anthology
Diffusion wallpaper

Making your home look more interesting is a lot about doing the unexpected. Now, this doesn’t mean you should make it look weird just for the sake of surprising your guests. It simply means that you should add a few a bit more artsy details here and there. For example, you can paint the trim of your doorways and create a dynamic and subtle entrance that people would surely notice. Or, you can use some colourful wallpapers in your hallway to make it look less plain.

Add enough lighting

Maelee Wallpaper from The Potting Room Collection by Harlequin Wallpaper

If there is a room in your home that doesn’t get enough natural light, take the opportunity to play with light. You can do so by adding plenty of light sources. So, for example, you can have your usual overhead light and a few floor lamps, but you can also add some task lighting and accent lights. String lights, for instance, are always a good choice because they are subtle, affordable, and easy to set up. Just be careful not to overdo it, as you want them to make the area look charming, not festive.

Making your home more stylish than it is doesn’t have to be an expensive and difficult challenge. With a few tips and some creativity, you can bring your home to life and make it look better than ever before. So, consider the listed tips, apply them to your home, and you’re guaranteed to notice the difference right away.

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