How to choose window furnishings that complement your wallpaper

Pinetum Wallpaper in Sap Green by Sanderson

Windows play a vital role in the visual aesthetic of your room. They serve as a focal point for your room’s overall interior design as well as being a natural source of light. So, you’ll want to choose the perfect window blinds to suit your space.

As you have probably spent a lot of effort choosing your wallpaper and other decor elements of your room, you’ll want your blinds or window furnishings to match with your wall decor for a consistent look.

Butterflies Wallpaper in Sandstone by Sandberg - bedroom window

Tips to choose window furnishings that complement your wallpaper

It’s not necessary to hire a professional interior designer—you can do it yourself. You can buy window coverings that match well with your room’s wall decor. Follow these tips to make sure you get the right set of blinds or drapes for your windows that complement the wallpapers perfectly.

Painter's Wall Wallpaper In Beige

Consider the colour palette

First, consider the colour palette of the wallpapers and existing decor. Do they have vibrant hues, bold shades, or a neutral tone? The blinds should match well with the wall decor’s dominant colours. For example, if the wallpapers feature a soothing blue shade, you could opt for blinds that have a complementary white or grey colour. 

Papavera Tambourine Wallpaper in a Bedroom

Match the material and texture

When you buy wallpapers online, check their material and texture, including accent pieces, paint finish, etc. This will help you coordinate better when searching for window blinds to match their look. For wallpapers that have a wooden, rustic accent, you can purchase blinds made from wood, bamboo, or other natural materials for a balanced and harmonious look.  

Damask Medallion Wallpaper by Borastapeter in Blue

Try out different prints and patterns 

Try out printed or patterned blinds that match well with the wallpaper, and also add a hint of visual interest to the windows. Whether you opt for geometric designs, bohemian prints, botanical graphics, or abstract patterns, these blinds will add style and personality to the room. But the patterned blinds shouldn’t overwhelm the overall decor and spoil your room’s aesthetic. 

Adelaide Wallpaper by Sandberg in Blush

Evaluate different light control options

Adjust your room’s ambiance and match with the wallpapers through blinds that offer varying light control options. You could consider either motorised or manual blinds that have adjustable slats, bottom-up, top-down, and other useful functionalities. These features enhance the versatility of your window blinds along with complementing your room’s wallpaper. 

Consider durability and maintenance

Consider the durability and maintenance requirements of the blinds before you buy them. If you want to install them in a room with high foot traffic, or if you have pets and children, look for materials that are easy to maintain and clean. Buying long-lasting, durable blinds make sure that you don’t need to replace them for a long period. 

Chinoiserie Garden Wallpaper Mural in Pink

Reflect your personal decorating theme and style

The window furnishings you choose must complement the overall theme of the home, and reflect your personal decorating style. There are blinds to suit different tastes, whether you prefer a rustic charm, minimalist touch, luxury and elegance, or a neutral tone. Explore a variety of options from roller blinds to Roman shades, and choose the one that aligns with your room’s wallpaper. 

Be brave

Beata Wallpaper by Sandberg in Moss Green

When you buy wallpaper and blinds or curtains for your room, be a little brave while making your choice. Mix and match patterns and colours so you can bring beauty, as well as functionality into your space.

Esther Wallpaper by Sandberg Wallpaper in Forest Green