Ian Mankin Wallpaper

Ian Mankin Wallpaper is a UK-based brand that specialises in high-quality, handcrafted wallpaper designs that are inspired by traditional British textiles. The brand is known for its use of natural materials, including organic cotton, linen, and jute, which create a unique texture and finish.

The Ian Mankin Wallpaper collection features a range of classic and contemporary designs, all with a distinctly British aesthetic. The designs include simple stripes, checks, and geometrics, as well as more complex designs featuring florals and damasks. The colour palette is typically muted and earthy, with shades of beige, brown, and grey dominating the collection.

The wallpaper is handcrafted using traditional printing methods, such as block printing and rotary printing, which create a unique texture and finish that is difficult to replicate with modern printing techniques.

Ian Mankin Wallpaper is also known for its sustainability practices. The brand uses organic and natural materials wherever possible, and its manufacturing processes are designed to minimise waste and reduce its impact on the environment.

FREE delivery Australia wide. Samples available for each design and colourway.