Pink Wallpaper

View our range of pink wallpaper that is predominantly or entirely pink in colour.

The shades of pink can vary from a pale, delicate blush to a vibrant, bold fuchsia. Pink wallpaper can come in a variety of patterns, including floral, stripes, polka dots, cute animals, and abstract designs.

Pink is a versatile color and has a variety of different names and shades. Some common names for different shades of pink include:

Blush: a pale, muted pink with a hint of beige or gray
Rose: a light to medium pink with a slightly cool undertone
Fuchsia: a bright, bold pink with a hint of purple
Magenta: a deep, rich pink with a purplish tint
Salmon: a warm, pinkish-orange color
Bubblegum: a bright, playful pink reminiscent of bubblegum candy
Coral: a pink-orange hue with a slight golden undertone
Peony: a soft, romantic pink with a hint of lavender
Baby Pink: a very light, delicate pink often associated with baby girls
Hot Pink: a bright, neon pink that really stands out.
Dusky Pink: a soft, muted pink with a hint of grey

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