Arcadian Thames Wallpapers

For over 300 years, the Arcadian Thames has been a soothing retreat for Londoners, offering a picturesque riverside escape where nature thrives and gardens flourish. Stretching from Hampton to Kew, this scenic river is bordered by ancient woodlands and meadows adorned with flowers. Along its banks stand majestic palaces and historic homes, reflecting a bygone era of elegance.

Inspired by this serene landscape, Zoffany introduces its Arcadian Thames collection, featuring wallcoverings that pay homage to the 18th-century nobility’s dedication to preserving England’s natural beauty.

Lead designer Peter Gomez explains the collection’s focus on London’s historical significance and unique natural beauty. Through carefully curated designs, Zoffany captures the essence of life along the Arcadian Thames, blending tradition with contemporary style. The collection also highlights emerging talent like artisan embroiderer Livia Papiernik and acclaimed mural artist Melissa White, whose work celebrates the timeless allure of this historic river.