Emery’s Willow Wallpaper in Emery Blue


$320 + $32 GST per roll

A new addition to the Morris & Co. wallpaper range, Emery’s Willow features unmistakable bubble-like shapes as a backdrop, introducing an element of play to this 1874 design. The willow tree, with its delicately entwining branches and curling leaves, is a motif William Morris returned to throughout his creative life.

Emery’s Willow is inspired by a wallpaper design hung in the drawing room of esteemed typographer, book printer and friend of William Morris, Sir Emery Walker. It re-enters the Morris & Co. range as a result of the collaboration collection between Morris & Co. and Emery Walker’s House.

Available in four colourways: Emery Blue (loyal to Emery’s original), Herball, Citrus Stone and Chrysanthemum Pink

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Emery's Willow Wallpaper by Morris & Co in Emery Blue
Emery’s Willow Wallpaper in Emery Blue