5 Beautiful Ideas For Bedroom Wallpaper

Designing a bedroom seems easy enough. After all, all you need to make a perfect resting room is to include a comfortable bed, nightstand and a closet, right? Close, but not close enough. In this guest post from Chloe Taylor, she takes us through the key elements of designing a bedroom. Your bedroom should be rewarded with the same amount of attention you give to other rooms in your house. It also requires looking into new trends and creating a pleasant atmosphere. Speaking of bedroom trends, has someone already told you that wallpaper is making a dramatic comeback as a statement piece in the bedroom? Yes, that is true, and if you want to implement it in your own house, here are a few ideas about wallpaper design and how to combine it with the rest of the elements.

Bold floral design for a romantic atmosphere

Feminine design has always looked good in the bedroom (lavender painted walls, anyone?), and big, blowsy floral prints will only amp the romantic atmosphere and serve as a perfect backdrop for further décor endeavours. Use this wallpaper only on one wall (preferably behind the bed), and balance its strong voice with lots of plain surfaces. Combine it with vintage furniture and, if you want to make it even dreamier, consider a canopy above your bed.

5 Beautiful Bedroom Design Ideas Using Wallpaper

Metallic wallpaper for an elegant affair

If your bedroom is smaller than you would like, you can use a metallic wallpaper to make it appear larger, since the reflective surface throws light back into the room. It also creates a glamorous feel, so your bedroom will feel like a five-star hotel room. Don’t allow the rest of the elements to stand out from this picture. Include an equally fabulous bed (with a camelback headboard shape) and silk or satin bedding.

Archive-design wallpaper for historic feel

There is something irresistible about old-fashioned bedrooms, and they never seem to go out of fashion. They are romantic, warm and cozy, and you can achieve all that with archive-design wallpaper. Depending on the scale of the room and your own preference, you can choose more or less busy patterns, but the final result is the same – a charming bedroom. Increase that charm with soft lighting, curvy or ornate furniture, and a comfy memory foam mattress, so that your bed is actually as comfortable as it looks.

Geometric wallpaper for a modern or retro design

On the other side of the spectrum from the historic room, lies a modern sleek bedroom that can, depending on the rest of your décor, look like a room from the future or post-‘60s contemporary room. You can introduce large or small scale graphic prints. For a retro feel, use oranges and greens on your wallpaper, and for a modernist look go for chocolate, pink, blue or grey. Use the furniture from the same era. For example, if you are going for the ‘60s vibe, include a quirky element such as the egg chair, and if you want a modern design, use clean simple lines.

Butterflies for playfulness

There is no need to take bedroom design so seriously, feel free to play with it. Have you noticed that one of the latest trends of the interior design is putting fluttery creatures on the walls? Yes, we are talking about fantastic hand-drawn butterflies. It is another feminine wallpaper design, but if we may add, even more romantic. There is a wide choice of different wallpaper designs with butterflies – from colourful ones to black and white. If you decide for the colourful design, use plain colours for the rest of the walls and the furniture, and stick to a gentler palette (e.g. pastel). If you decide for black and white you can choose between light and dark neutrals. Add lightweight flowy curtains and cosy pillows, and your playful bedroom is good to go. The bedroom is where dreams take place, so give it the treatment it deserves. Enrich its design with wallpaper that matches your personality and tastes, and you will love coming back to it, night after night.

Chloe Taylor is an art historian, recreational ballet dancer and a contributor at Smoothdecorator.com. She is passionate about photography, writing and music. Chloe also enjoys researching, learning and blogging about interiors, green design, sustainable architecture and various art related topics, since she is crazy about aesthetics. You can find Chloe on FB orTwitter.

3 thoughts on “5 Beautiful Ideas For Bedroom Wallpaper

  1. Ava Smith says:

    This is lovely wallpaper. I’m so glad I found this review because I was considering getting some for my daughter’s room, but I’m afraid those seams would drive me crazy. How are you feeling about them now that it’s been up for a while?

    • silkinteriors says:

      The seams are only a problem if the wallpaper is not correctly installed. If you have a light paper on a dark wall, you can have your installer paint a light colour-matched strip under where the joins will be, or a dark colour-matched strip if it’s a dark wallpaper on a light wall. If you go for a wider format wallpaper, there are less joins to bother you 🙂

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