The insect trend in interior decorating

Harlequin Papilio Wallpaper

Have you noticed some creepy crawlies starting to creep into your feeds on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest? I don’t mean realistic photos of spiders and bugs, but beautiful, botanically hand-drawn butterflies, colourful dragonfly motifs on fabrics, vintage bugs on cushions and stick insects stuck on dessert spoons. Some of these designs are quite exquisite and invoke a whole new appreciation for these small critters.

I’ve noticed it in my social news feeds. While not new – using insects for design inspiration in interior decorating has been around for a long time – it’s only recently  I’ve started to notice it on social media more and more these days. The rise of the insect trend in interior decorating can be seen in fabrics, wallpaper, and a range of other homewares.

Check out some of the insect-inspired products below, including our own insect wallpaper designs.

Butterfly designs

Pink Butterflies

Pink Butterflies - wallpaper
Pink butterfly wallpaper
$264 including GST
FREE delivery

Green Butterflies


Green butterfly wallpaper.
$264 including GST
FREE delivery

Bear & Butterflies

Bear and Butterfly wallpaper - close up

Bear and butterfly wallpaper
$198.99 including GST
FREE delivery


Butterfly Gem

Butterfly Gem - Grey

$330 including GST
FREE delivery


Papilio butterfly wallpaper - Amazilia Collection by Harlequin Wallpaper

Papilio wallpaper - Flamingo, Papaya and Olive

Papilio wallpaper in Flamingo, Papaya and Olive
$248.71 including GST
FREE delivery

Papilio butterfly wallpaper - Lagoon, Indigo and Emerald

Papilio butterfly wallpaper in Lagoon, Indigo and Emerald
$248.71 including GST
FREE delivery

Papilio butterfly wallpaper - Peach, Lagoon and Zest

Papilio butterfly wallpaper in Peach, Lagoon and Zest
$248.71 including GST
FREE delivery


Butterfly paper specimens

Paper butterfly specimens in a frame

Baby Butterflies Wall Art
This beautiful wall art was artfully hand-crafted in Australia by Almond Tree Designs.
$99.95 from Zanui.


Butterfly Ball Paper Cut
Get this colourful look of hand-crafted 3D butterflies by Almond Tree Designs.
$189.95 from Zanui.

Butterfly migration - framed hand cut butterflies in white

Butterfly Migration Paper Cut
Hand-crafted by Almond Tree Designs, these beautiful butterfly paper specimens take flight.
$189.95 from Zanui.

Hand-crafted paper butterfly specimens in a frame

A Specimen Paper Cut
Colourful hand-crafted paper butterfly specimens in a frame by Almond Tree Designs.
$189.95 from Zanui.

Dragonfly designs


Dragonfly wallpaper in Indigo, Peacock and Chalk
$143.00 including GST
FREE delivery


Dragonfly wallpaper in Gilver, Charcoal and Biscuit
$143.00 including GST
FREE delivery

Wall stickers

Butterfly wall stickers pack

Butterfly wall stickers
$69.00 including GST
FREE delivery

Dragonflies Wall Stickers

Dragonflies wall stickers
$44.00 including GST
FREE delivery

Cushions and bed linen

Botanically drawn bugs - cushion cover

Bugs Breakfast Cushion
50W x 30H cm 100% cotton cushion cover.
$16.95 from Zanui.

Butterfly doona cover

Butterfly quilt cover set 
Artistic Butterfly Reversible Bed Quilt Cover Set
Butterfly bed quilt cover set by SHUTEYE, available in Queen and King sizes.
$104.95 – $119.95 from Zanui.


Caterpillar bookshelf

Caterpillar Shelf Kit
This floating caterpillar shelf holds up to 15kg and is perfect for a child’s bedroom.
$39.95 from Zanui.

Caterpillar-inspired vase from Zanui

Caterpillar Vase
Quirky and curvy double-glazed vase inspired by the caterpillar shape.
$89.95 from Zanui.

Other unique insect designs

Rhopa butterfly side table by Phil Bee Interiors

Rhopa Side Table
This butterfly-infused side table from Melbourne-based Phil Bee Interiors is made from ceramic with a hand-painted finish. Stunning!
$289.95 from Zanui.

Damselfly dragonfly travel mug

Coffee & Tea Traveller Cup, Damselfly
Eco-friendly travel mug made from porcelain – fill up at your favourite cafe. It has extra insulation with its silicon ring to protect your hands from hot beverages.
$14.95 from Zanui.

Do you love or hate the insect trend? Let me know in the comments below.

This post contains some affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links (except for the wallpaper – those are my own products, of course!) I’ll receive a small commission from the seller at no extra cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here.

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