Greenery, Velvet, Japandi and More: Interior Trends You Should Not Miss

Japandi style - Japanese style meets Scandi

We are nearing the end of the first half of 2017, and if you still haven’t treated your home with some design refreshment, it is about time you do so. Some of the interior design trends we loved the previous year are still going strong, and we’ll still be seeing a lot of seamless transitions between the kitchen and the living area, while some, such as framed inspiring quotes are becoming obsolete (cheers to that). The new design aspirations on the rise will enrich our homes with nature, exotic motifs, minimalistic elegance and many interesting materials. Are you ready to see the trends that will shape your home this year?

This guest post is by Chloe Taylor takes us through some of the design trends of 2017.

Nature’s Neutral

Harlequin Makrana Wallpaper from the Momentum 03 Collection

Pantone’s colour of 2017 – Greenery – is slowly but steadily conquering our homes, bringing spring into them every day. The fresh and invigorating shade is drastically different from Pantone’s last year’s choice, the pastel twin colours, Rose Quartz and Serenity and, unlike them, it is best when used in accents: a coat of green on a focus wall (paint or wallpaper), statement pieces of furniture, green patterns and fabrics and, of course, the original greenery – plant life.

Shimmery Interiors

Asuka Wallpaper from the Momentum 03 Collection

This season, metallic interiors are all the rage. We will see a lot of shimmery accents in wallpapers, fabrics, furniture and decorative details.

Cobra Anthology 03 Wallpaper by Harlequin

Shiny treatments, metallic fabrics and molten finishes are no longer restricted to trinkets, now they are covering entire walls. So, don’t be surprised when you see gold wallpaper paired up with even more metallic details.

Velvet Vision

Luxurious blue velvet couch

Velvet is this year’s way to enrich the room with soft texture. Its soft drape and shimmering surface will perfectly complement the previous trend, and along with shiny finishes, create a lust-worthy interior. You will mostly see it on sofas and armchairs. The shades of velvet depend on the overall interior design, but some of the most popular ones are dark green and light blue.

The Marriage of Two Cultures: Japandi

One of the strongest design movements in 2017 is actually the union of two styles: Japanese and Scandinavian. Their offspring is called Japandi and it represents the blend of the simplicity of the two approaches mixed with their unique characteristics, such as Japanese raw imperfect edges and dark timbers and Scandinavian clean lines and pale woods.

See our Japandi Wallpaper Collection.

Japandi style - Japanese style meets Scandi

Feel the Butterflies

This year butterflies are leaving your stomach to greet your home with some sweet colourful love. Besides the hand-drawn butterflies, we’ll be seeing plenty of vintage bugs, dragonfly motifs and stick insects. In fact, entire walls will be covered with butterfly wallpaper, and fabrics adorned with insects. Homeowners preferring a more subtle display can find an alternative in wall art.

Papilio butterfly wallpaper - Amazilia Collection by Harlequin Wallpaper

The Danish Kind of Warmth

Hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga” is a Danish approach to lifestyle that translates as the feeling of comfy contentment. In interior design, it includes layering comfy layers and textures, and it is easy to introduce in every home – just throw some comfy knitted blankets, soft cushions, light a few candles and wait for better times.

Danish 'Hygge' style

Free the Tub!

Free the bathtub

Although large showers with several showerheads have been replacing standard bathtubs during the last few years, now they are making a comeback; and more than that – they’re freed from the walls, and left to stand alone as a beautiful display of form and luxury. Many of the 2017 bathroom renovations will, therefore, include ditching the shower and installing an extravagant free-standing tub.

Kitchen Is Not for Show Off

Wall-to-wall kitchen panels

Kitchens are the heart of our home, and in the past that meant that we should brag about them to everyone, especially with the arrival of open concept. However, with each passing year kitchens have become more blended into the overall design of the house. The previous year, we had the seamless transition between the kitchen and the living space. Now, we’ve moved a step further and arrived at the invisible kitchen hidden behind wood panelling and other design elements.

As you see, this year has a lot of good ideas to offer, design-wise. It will shower us in jewel tones, bath us in nature’s greenery, and wrap us up in the comfy hygge. What more could we ever wish for?

Chloe is an art historian, recreational ballet dancer and a contributor at She is passionate about photography, writing and music. Chloe also enjoys researching, learning and blogging about interiors, green design, sustainable architecture and various art related topics, since she is crazy about aesthetics. You can find Chloe on FB or Twitter.

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