Style your home with contemporary window blinds

Most windows in the home will require some sort of window dressing to block out light and keep the interior of your home private when you need it, but window dressings don’t need to be boring. And they don’t have to be curtains either.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with decorating your windows with curtains, there’s a lot you can do with window blinds, and they look awesome as well.

Let’s see how blinds can really style up your home and add a touch of class and elegance.

Live like the Romans did

Roman blinds in a dining room
The bright dining room with blue furniture and yellow d??cor

Roman blinds have been around in one form or another for thousands of years. Very likely they are the oldest style of blind there has ever been.

Now, it sounds like Roman blinds should look really old fashioned and dated, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Roman blinds are classy and elegant and really look great inside any type of room. The reason this style of blind has stood the test of time is because their design truly is timeless.

These blinds come in many fabrics and colours, so you’ll definitely find something that matches your decor.

If you want to install window blinds that become a talking point and a feature of the room, then Roman blinds are the perfect choice.

Panel glide blinds add a touch of class

What are panel glides?

They are a kind of vertical blind, only the panel sections tend to be much larger and made from a variety of materials. They glide along tracks like vertical blinds, except the process is smooth and effortless.

Panel glide blinds are the ultimate solution for those larger windows, and are perfect for sliding glass doors that lead onto balconies and out to the patio or backyard.

No matter what your home decor or colour scheme is, you’ll find something in the panel glide range to suit your individual tastes.

You can even install panel glide blinds as room dividers, which is not only a stylish and novel idea, but also very practical.

You can get them in plain fabrics or textured and a myriad of fashion colours. The other cool feature is this: If you get tired on one blind design, all you have to do is swap out the panels for something different. Down the track you can always swap them back again and keep alternating your design. The tracks remain in place. You just replace the panels.

How cool is that?

Window blinds give you more options

Venetian blinds

It’s true. There is more versatility attached to window blinds, depending on the type of blinds you decide to install in your home.

When you have vertical blinds or something like timber Venetian blinds inside your house, you can adjust the angles to control light and heat, privacy, and even the direction of the breeze coming in through the windows.

This isn’t something you can do with curtains. Blinds definitely have their distinct advantages.

Another thing you’ll find with blinds is they hang (or sit) better on the windows. Often with curtains you always have to fiddle with them to get them to sit right once you close them up. Blinds are more rigid and flat, giving you neat, straight lines every time.

Window blinds can be manually operated or motorised

It really depends on what kind of blinds are installed, but some options can be motorised instead of having to operate them manually with strings or chains. Naturally the motorised option is going to be an added cost, but the convenience can be well and truly worth it; especially if you install window blinds on the exterior of your home.

There’s not a lot of effort manually opening and closing blinds but having blinds that obey your commands at the touch of a button is pretty cool. You can be sitting down on the lounge watching TV and open or close the blinds from the comfort of where you are seated.

It’s all about having options, and you definitely get more options with blinds as compared to curtains.

So if you’ve been tossing up between installing blinds or curtains in your home, then blinds might be the way to go.

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