Delightful and modern nursery: the ultimate decor guide

Decorating a kid's nursery

So, you’ve just learned that you are expecting, and you’ve started thinking about all the things you need to do in order to prepare your home for the baby – starting with the nursery.

It has to be comfortable and functional, but you also probably want it to fit the rest of your home style-wise.

This is why decorating your nursery can sometimes be a challenging project, but there’s no reason to stress about it. Here are a few tips that should help you design a nursery that is both comfortable and modern.

Make a plan

First things first, to really get everything that you want out of your nursery, spend some time planning it. This includes figuring out the layout, the main theme, how you can upgrade the room as your baby grows, etc. After all, that room is going to be your baby’s starting point in life, and it’s also where you will bond and have fun together, so you don’t want to make too many mistakes when designing it. Even if your baby comes as a surprise, still, set aside at least a week or two just for planning all the basic design things.

Choose versatile storage

With a new baby comes a lot of new stuff, from baby care products and clothes to toys. All in all, you need a lot of room for all that stuff and much more that is yet to come. Unless you really love remodelling projects, you probably want to choose storage solutions that can grow with your child and be useful even in a more grown-up space later on. So, consider some more neutral colours for your nightstand, closet, cabinets, etc. This way, as your child grows, it’ll be easier for you to adjust the room to their age.

Make it cosy

Nursery with a cot

In this room, comfort is a priority. After all, you’ll probably be spending lots of time in it for a while, so you want to be able to enjoy every second spent with your child. So make sure you get a comfortable baby cot for your bundle of joy.

Next, invest in a cosy lounging spot for you, whether it’s an ottoman, a rocking chair, or just a comfortable armchair. It doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s something you can sit on for a long time without any back pain. Also, keep in mind that your family and friends will probably want to gather there as well, so add some moveable comfy seating options too. Top it off with lots of pillows and throws, and there will be plenty of softness in your nursery.

Introduce chalkboards

If you have a feeling that your child will be artistic – as most of them are – consider painting one of your nursery walls in chalkboard paint. This is a fun way to customize one area of your nursery, and it can come in handy even when your child grows up; they can use it to write notes, important dates, inspirational quotes, or simply make their own art.

Add cheerful details

Since it is a room for a child, after all, it should have plenty of cheerful touches. However, as your child will grow out of most of them, you don’t really want to do anything that’s hard to remove or replace. So, if you really want to design it in a child-friendly theme, consider hanging wallpapers instead of painting the walls, as they are easier to replace later. Plus, they come in many different designs, so your child can also help you choose the one that they like the most when they grow up a little. Similarly, blankets, throws, and pillows are all good choices, while you might want to avoid too cheerful furniture items.

If you want to make your nursery both cozy and modern, consider the listed tips. Decorate it with the future of your baby in mind, so it can easily be kept modern and functional for years to come, and your whole family is bound to enjoy your nursery much more.

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