How to make your kitchen feel more modern

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The kitchen is the heart of every home. perhaps the most important room in the house. The appearance and atmosphere in your kitchen play a crucial role in the overall comfort and style of your household. It can be far more ‘appetising’ to spend time in your kitchen with some clever kitchen design choices and, with that in mind, here are some basic tips on how to make your kitchen feel modern.

Start with the broad strokes

‘Modern’ is a relative term, but it often entails sleek, straight lines, minimal colour blending and, above all else, some sort of minimalism. One of the best tips for revitalising your kitchen with a modern look is to adopt the holistic approach – start with the broad strokes. Rethink the colour scheme of your kitchen – start with the good old white baseline and build your way from there. Draw your kitchen in parallel lines, but arrange the kitchen lines along the longest wall of the kitchen in order to get the best spatiality effect. In other words, the kitchen will easily look bigger than it actually is.

Clutter is your enemy

Clutter is your enemy

Clutter is the biggest enemy of the modern spaces. While it used to be that more items on display meant “richer” look, nowadays it is all about functionality. On the one hand, people tend to try and reduce the number of appliances they own and go for multi-practice items such as the versatile KitchenAid mixer and food processor, but many people go even a step further. When one wants to create a truly modern kitchen, it’s all about clearing surfaces. In other words, you should consider renovating cupboards and counters so that they have easy sliding doors and compartments where you can dispose of your appliances and items. This way, you will always have a primed-and-ready kitchen that looks sleek, modern and clean.

Clean the colour scheme and keep it bright

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The most important aspect of interior decorating is to choose the right colour scheme. After all, it is by far the easiest (and laziest) update a homeowner can do. Whether you are aiming for a modern kitchen or any style of kitchen at all, always opt for a brighter colour scheme – it opens up the space, makes it appear larger and airy. The colour white is a good baseline, and you can add a secondary hue that is either cold or warm, depending on the atmosphere you want to achieve in the kitchen.

Add a recycling station

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Nothing spells out modern like a recycling station. We all need to do our part in reducing our energy footprint. By adding a recycling area, you will be able to sort out glass from cans and organic trash from inorganic, especially if you opt to install the compost canister in your recycling centre.  It also reduces clutter, a hallmark of the modern kitchen.

Live large with a big sink area

Live large with a big sink area

A claustrophobic sink area is a mojo killer and the antithesis of the modern kitchen. High-arc faucets (also known as “gooseneck” faucets) combined with an enlarged sink do not only look luxurious and modern, but they also make your life easier and the logistics of dishwashing becomes a breeze. Furthermore, you can find a faucet with an ENERGY stamp, which spends a lot less water than the regular one and diffuses the flow with steam. The washing effect is the same and yet you’ll manage to reduce your energy output significantly.

Above all else, the kitchen is a sanctuary where you should be able to feel comfortable and at peace. A bit of style and warmth goes a long way when it comes to decorating your kitchen.

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