The benefits of inbuilt wardrobes and how to choose one

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Choosing different wardrobes can be a little daunting and complicated task because many people end up with less storage space than they wanted or the wardrobe they chose is the wrong fit for the room. One uncomplicated solution is inbuilt wardrobes or ‘fitted wardrobes’. These are integrated closets that are custom designed for any space. By choosing this type of wardrobe, you won’t have to worry about looking for the correct wardrobe with the right storage and correct measurements. Built-in wardrobes also have many more benefits compared to standard wardrobes.

Increased space

Wardrobe behind a door

Built in wardrobes can be made to fit every kind of space. They are the very good solution to deal with non-standard spaces. These types of wardrobes can be made to fit into corners that are L-shaped or can be placed in various other free spaces, increasing the living space in any room. By using built-in wardrobes, many unused spaces come to be useful, unlike free standing wardrobes that require a specific space for placement.

Custom configurations

Another great advantage of inbuilt wardrobes is that you have the freedom of adjusting or customising the internal configuration and storage accessories inside the wardrobe to your specific needs. For example, if you have a very formal wardrobe and use jewellery often then you can custom design the wardrobe with more hanging space and more space for trouser racks and more space for storing accessories like watches and jewellery.

Enhanced interior

Custom designed inbuilt wardrobe

With built-in wardrobes, you can be a part of the whole design process. The wardrobe can be designed with your needs in mind. The wardrobe can be designed to mix with the rest of the interior regarding style and finishes. The wardrobe can be built with materials that match the interior styles. For example, you can choose the walnut wood wardrobe for a more traditional interior or an acrylic finish with steel handles for contemporary interiors.


Another great benefit associated with inbuilt wardrobes is that the person can customise the wardrobe with lights from inside to brighten it even more. They can customise with small lights on the inside and less on the doors. This will provide a very amazing and wonderful look and feel when opened. This will ultimately enhance the interior beauty of the room.

Things to know before buying an inbuilt wardrobe

 There are mainly three types of inbuilt wardrobes.

Carcass Wardrobe

wardrobe shell

This is the simplest type of built-in wardrobe design. These are very quick and easy to install as the design is very simple. These built-in wardrobes can be deconstructed and reconstructed when needed.

Frame Wardrobe

Another type of built-in wardrobe is frame wardrobe that allows you to have total access to the storage area. These are ideal storage solutions for rooms with a sloped ceiling. With frame designs, the depth of the wardrobe can be deep and you can install them almost anywhere.

Sliding Door

wardrobe with a sliding door

The sliding door inbuilt wardrobes easily integrate with any bedroom design. You can install mirrors on the doors to make the room even more spacious. For rooms with more furniture, sliding doors are the optimal solution. These are also less expensive compared to most other wardrobe styles.

Inbuilt wardrobes are a very effective and efficient solution for home improvement. They provide great storage space as well as if properly designed can provide various benefits and enhance the beauty of the room.

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