Essential Tips For Creating A Stylish AND Practical Nursery

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This is a guest blog post by Tanya Burgess, mother of 3 girls and the owner of Baby Hints & Tips. Her website is a virtual parenting village allowing parents to support each other with tips and advice.

Styling Baby’s Nursery

One of the most exciting parts in the lead-up to a little one’s arrival is planning and decorating the nursery. However, with the overload of inspiration we are faced with (thanks to the likes of Pinterest), it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are my top tips to make styling baby’s nursery less stressful and to help you achieve a cohesive look that balances visual appeal and functionality.

Circus - Blue grey and green wallpaper1. Know your decorating style

Firstly, consider the decorating style the rest of your home. Do you lean towards traditional-style interiors or more current looks? It is important to incorporate the FEEL of your home into your nursery, otherwise, it will look out of place. Save images of nurseries and interiors that you are drawn to in order to help narrow down your style.

2. Select large items of furniture first

When styling baby’s nursery, look for the larger, essential pieces of furniture first. A functional cot that fits your personal style should be your first consideration. Many cots can also adapt as your child grows which gives your selection longevity. Make sure other pieces of furniture match or fit in well with your cot (such as the chest of drawers, side tables and rockers). These need not necessarily come from the same range but should be similar in colour or style.

A cosy nursing nook is essential for a well-planned little one’s room. A comfortable chair for feeding, settling and cuddling will become well-loved and used during the early years. A small side table nearby can also be handy to keep items needed within arm’s reach during the middle of the night feeding session. Subdued lighting from a dim lamp or a night light is also useful for the wee hours in which you will find yourself tiptoeing around your bub’s room.

Palace Garden pink wallpaper3. Keep colours simple

When it comes to colours, consider your options carefully. Avoid bright hues (like red) for wall-to-wall use, which according to colour psychology, can stimulate and energise the body. Opt for gentler shades that evoke a feeling of calm. Using a neutral base for walls, window treatments and floor coverings and introducing colour and texture for interest through the addition of soft furnishings and decorative pieces is a wise move and will allow you more freedom to change the look of your nursery should you wish to.

Choose a handful of ‘feature colours’ that inspired by a particular piece of art, linen, wallpaper or a throw rug. Whilst every item need not match, the larger pieces in your nursery should compliment and link back to this feature piece and its colours, otherwise, you risk your room looking too busy and distracting.

4. Invest in good storage options help curb clutter

Babies bring with them a whole lot of paraphernalia… clothes, bibs, wraps, toys, books and so on. Allowing storage for these items with drawers and hanging space that can adapt as your baby grows will help keep your room organised and hide clutter. Baskets and crates are wonderful for toy storage and can be stylishly placed in the room or tucked away underneath the cot. Bookshelves can create storage space on walls and make room for decorative pieces you want to display.

Owl and Moon wallpaper5. Use décor to add character and playful accents

With the functional side of a nursery out of the way, the fun part of putting together a nursery comes down to the decorative pieces you choose to display which help to really make a room shine. Keeping safety in mind, bed linen and soft furnishings for nurseries should be kept simple. Choose a fitted cot sheet in a playful print, cushions (for decorative purposes only) and a soft toy or two. Artwork adds colour and interest to walls as does wallpaper and decals. Books and outfits can be used as display pieces and are easily changed. Select toys and ornaments that fit in well with the colour scheme you have chosen.

Dragon Sky - Dark Blue kids dragon wallpaper6. Personal touches create a meaningful space

Finally, you want to avoid a nursery that has been decorated to simply look on-trend. The room you create should incorporate meaningful touches and be unique. Put an old toy or book from your own childhood on display. Work on a crafty DIY project to add a mama-made touch to your little one’s space. Display a special gift from a relative or a precious heirloom. Hang favourite photos and personalised pieces. Your room should reflect your family, your taste, your memories and your loves.

Create a space that’s perfect for playing games.

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