Top interior design trends in 2018

Top Interior Design Trends in 2018

Every year brings its own wave of trends and chic combinations. 2018 is revealing itself to be an especially interesting period as it appears to bring together a whole laundry list of disparate styles that have been in the focus of popularity over the last couple of decades. It seems like everything is allowed nowadays and nothing is forbidden – which is actually an exciting prospect for all of you who like to experiment with a variety of styles.

With that in mind, here are our top interior design trends in 2018.

Bright primary colours and natural, organic secondary colours

Bright primary colors and natural, organic secondary colors

2018 is all about nature. It might be that the dangers of climate change have seeped into the subconscious of architects and designers, which has led them to yearn for greater harmony with nature. This led to the introduction of natural organic colours to the obligatory palette of 2018. However, this still does not mean that we have lost the sight of the stark whites that have dominated the world of interior design for so long – they are still very much present, but the silvery, decidedly clinical appearance of rooms that was all the rage has been replaced with naturally textured rocks, sandstone and bleached wooden surfaces.

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Shapes are simple

Shapes are simple

Simple shapes had their boom in popularity at the beginning of the decade and they seem to have faded into the background in 2016 and 2017 as more organic furniture shapes emerged to the forefront. However, it appears this was merely a blip on the interior design radar as simple shapes seem to be back in strength this year. Geometric, clear frames that clearly define the space they inhabit are back. The frames themselves can be metallic, with a touch of elegant glass when it comes to tabletop surfaces. White ceramic vases and porcelain paraphernalia look amazing among such furniture.

Prudent luxury

Minimalism is still at the forefront of interior design. It is not so much a matter of recommendation as it is a matter of popularity. In 2018, this style manifests in the form of prudent, economic luxuriousness – a sort of minimal garishness with the utmost impact. Outlining the space is an important aspect of this interior design. Arrange simple furniture with straight lines to follow the longest wall of the room. Add tall green plant life and sleek vertical blinds to break the pattern and add a sense of verticality to the room.

Keep it cosy

Keep it cosy

However, one can easily teeter into the territory of alienating aesthetics in terms of minimalism. Make sure to use natural wooden textures and furniture with a slightly warmer hue to add a sense of homeyness to the proceedings. Cosy is the buzzword of interior design in 2018. Open floor plan zones with organic materials and plush furniture that looks like something you can easily sink into and nap is the way to go. In order to create a more vibrant atmosphere, go with the bold eclectic choices, like purchasing vintage dividers which can parcel out your open floor plan room.

Keep the lights on

Keep the lights on

Dark wood textures combined with bright furniture material mesh amazingly with bright lights. Renovate your entire electrical grid to ensure the overwhelming influx of light and replace all of your incandescents and CFLs with LED lights to save on electricity while you keep the lights on. Why not have the cake and eat it? Above all else, chocolate-brown pastels are the “it” colours of 2018 when it comes to wood, which will guarantee the “cosy and comfortable” effect mentioned above.

The beauty of brass

The beauty of brass

However, white wooden frames and surfaces are still something that is not uncommon in 2018, and if you decide to go with this interior design choice, brass is the perfect material to contrast it with. It is truly a special metal that can make your room appear both elegant and warm. It is not as aggressive as gold, so if you have decided to make your interior appear airy and bright, brass will add to that effect. There is a sense of lightness to brass that is hard to define, but as soon as you see its effect on the interior environment.

Green is the warmest colour

Green is the warmest color

Finally, if you are truly bent on utilising a concrete colour as a strong statement, you’ll hardly make a mistake with “going green” in 2018. The darker shades of green were all the rage in 2017, but this year-round, a gentler hue of avocado green appears to be immensely popular. This colour, combined with some air – filtering interior shrubbery and wooden textures, will make up an earthy set of rooms that are truly relaxing in appearance.

When it comes to the interior design of your household in 2018, just trust your mind’s eye and go with your instinct. What was verboten stylistically yesterday is fair game tomorrow, and only you can make the setup of your household work, as long as you do it with confidence and bold choices. Do not be afraid to turn the only parcel of land you can truly call your own into a house of your dreams.


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