How Furniture Hire Improves the Value of your Home and Aids a Quick Sale

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If you’re thinking of selling an empty property, you need to read this guest post from Perth company, Furniture Fitouts, who specialise in home staging ofrr residential and commercial properties to help get a better sale, faster.

If you have ever wondered why show homes are so exquisitely decorated and furnished, you wouldn’t have a sales background, as it is commonly known in the real estate industry that interiors sell houses. The difference between the impact of standing in an empty vs an elegantly furnished room is something the seller can use to their advantage. And if coupled with an exterior revamp and spring clean, a well-furnished home could just clinch the deal.

Emotional value

When a person stands in the middle of an empty room, they can certainly visualise what it might look like, yet the emptiness doesn’t invoke emotion, and a potential seller will only be thinking about the expense of decorating and furnishing the property. Yet, if the interior is fully furnished, the potential buyer can’t help but be affected by the elegance and balance you have created, and even if the furniture is hired and is not part of the package, a furnished home can often lead to a quick sale, as the buyer can see the potential of the property.


Home staging

Home staging is becoming a very popular way to sell a property. It involves a small investment with furniture hire and a general spring clean, but the transformation is often what tips the scales, and before you know it, you have a firm offer. There are specialist companies that fitout homes to the client’s specifications with top quality furniture that is on a hire basis, and once the deal has been done, the fitout company would collect the items.

Proven results

Studies and research tell us that furnished homes sell quicker than their bare counterparts, and with so many homes on the market, you want your residence to have a lasting appeal on any viewer. The exterior should also be spruced up a little, as this will be the first view any potential buyer would have, and using a water pressure cleaner can spruce up the driveway and terrace. Like anything else in this world, sales is all about presentation, and with such a large investment, in order to attract serious buyers, you really do need to show your home in its best light.

Online furniture rentals

If you want to stage your home, there are online fitout experts who can evaluate your property and make some suggestions as to the best way to present it to the market. While interior designers can look at an empty room and visualise a concept, the average person will see an empty room and consider the extra cost of furnishing it or not know what they should put where.

Complete package

Staging a home is a comprehensive package and would typically include bed linen and towels, and the kitchen would be equipped with glasses, cutlery and crockery, adding the finishing touches to a model home. It’s the little things that impress, after all. Lighting is critical, and the supplier would have experts who can supply and place the perfect lighting to show off the finer points of the residence, and soft furnishings and air purifying, the ambience will be very attractive to a potential buyer.

Complete P

The finishing touches

If you’ve ever been in a show home, you will probably recall how thorough the furnishings were, the table neatly laid with cutlery, crockery, and glasses well placed. A walk into a show home is like being a fly on the wall of a dream home, with everything laid out, even the family toothbrushes are hanging on the rack, and with a range of bath and skin care products scattered around, the image is complete. It’s these finishing touches that sell a property, and by dealing with a market leader in home fitouts, you will achieve your goal, and get top dollar for the home.

Working to your budget

A home staging company would work to the client’s budget, and with that in mind, would look for ways to enhance the property, using light and colour. Home staging is mainly popular because it achieves results, and a quick sale is very often the outcome, and with such plush surroundings, the buyer rarely wants to haggle and your asking price can be in the very upper range, due to the extensive interior decoration.

Saturated market

As nice as it would be to have the time to wait for that right buyer to come along, the real estate market is currently swamped with properties up for sale and rent, making it a buyer’s market. This is one of the reasons why people are turning to home staging, as it is the most effective way to make a quick sale, and the asking price is usually achieved.

Selling as is

Some viewers are so taken with a staged home that they want the furniture and fittings to be included, and with some negotiating, this can be arranged, and you won’t be out of pocket, as the house value is top bracket. The fitout company would be only too happy to make it a permanent deal, and for a reasonable cost, the home can be sold as is.

A professional solution

There’s only one way to highlight a property with a view to a quick sale, and that is to call in the experts, and once you agree on a budget, they will get to work, and you will soon be putting that ‘sold’ sign on the sign. The experts are paid to transform a property, and with their skill and the attention to detail, your property will be represented in the very best light that will charm a prospective buyer.

More and more Australian homeowners are realising the benefits of home staging, and if you choose the right contractor, it is affordable.

If you would like to know more, then please get in touch with Furniture Fitouts.

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