Wonderlust Tea Story Wallpaper in Dove


$230 + $23 GST per roll

Embark on an extraordinary journey, traversing the scorching tropical heat of the Amazon basin to the lush and humid jungles of Vietnam. Allow the wanderlust within you to thrive as you venture into uncharted territories, unveiling the secrets of these exotic lands. With a vibrant kaleidoscopic wallpaper that captures the essence of this adventure, immerse yourself in a celebration of the world’s most extraordinary flora and fauna. Amidst captivating patterns, you’ll encounter a magnificent array of butterflies, birds, leopards, and snakes, camouflaged within this tapestry of unexpected beauty. Let your walls make a bold statement, echoing the spirit of exploration and igniting a sense of wonder in all who behold it.

Available in three colourways: Teal, Citron and Dove

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Free delivery Australia wide.

Wanderlust Tea Story Wallpaper in Dove by Clarke & Clarke
Wonderlust Tea Story Wallpaper in Dove