Bird & Pomegranate Wallpaper in Turquoise & Coral


$350 + $35 GST per roll

Dating from 1926, ‘Bird and Pomegranate’ wallpaper was one of the last block-printed wallpapers designed by Morris and Co.

Although unattributed, it was probably created by J.H. Dearle and inspired by the much earlier Fruit wallpaper.

This design from The Craftsman Wallpapers is available in three colourways in this gorgeous and intricate design that shows birds amidst branches of foliage and pomegranate fruits.

Sample available.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Free delivery Australia wide.

William Morris Bird & Pomegranate wallpaper from The Craftsman Wallpapers
Bird & Pomegranate Wallpaper in Turquoise & Coral