Lakeland Paradis Wallpaper in Carmine


$450 + $45 GST per roll

Introducing this Lakeland Paradis Wallpaper, inspired by a vintage block print design from the early 1900s. This classic floral pattern is bursting with life, featuring roses, iris, carnations, poppies, cyclamen, and pansies. The design trails across the wallpaper, showcasing bouquets and delicate rosebuds in vibrant colors like crimson, steely blues, and plaster blush. Recolored with depth and shadow, the petals and leaves stand out against the strong background. It’s a quintessential floral pattern from Sanderson, perfect for adding a touch of vintage charm to any room.

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery. Free delivery Australia wide.

Lakeland Paradis Wallpaper In Carmine
Lakeland Paradis Wallpaper in Carmine