The Best 2019 Interior Design Trends

The Best Interior Design Trends of 2019

Staying on top of the latest trends can feel impossible since trends seem to change with every new article or even just an influencer’s tweet. But there are some 2019 design trends that look very promising, ones that are just surfacing and are innovative, interesting and appealing. If you want to keep up with the most recent interior design styles, here’s what we’ve noticed in 2019 interior decor trends.


Kelambu Wallpaper from the Anthozoa Collection by Harlequin

Until recently, white was the perfect choice for any room. It kept things simple (and sterile), which is about to change. In the near future, the remnants of white will now be contrasted with whole walls painted black or softened with some warmer hues. Earthy shades will be used to make your interior more natural, calm and comforting, so consider shades like burnt orange, smoky brown-grey or tender beige.

Another way to go is with soft green to brighten your living space, and if you want dusky tones, the shades of dusky pink and blue will be just as modern as the green ones. Even the furniture will be in lighter, more cheerful hues, like pastel or timber colors.

Extravagence wallpaper from the Lucero Collection by Harlequin

Also, wallpapers won’t just be reserved for the walls, but also to accentuate your ceiling, in combination with minimal to no decorations on your walls.


Technology in the home trend

As society increasingly relies on technology in all spheres of life, it’s not so strange that we want our homes to become smarter and more up-to-date as well. And we’re not just talking about a new flat-screen TV and making a 3D model of your home, so that you have a better feel of what your home will look like with new furniture. Today’s technology should improve both how our homes look and function.

In 2019, invest in systems and appliances that will save you time and money, while adding some simplicity to your life. For example, you can now have a state-of-the-art home automation system that controls anything from lighting and air conditioning, to audio-visual appliances and security systems. It’s as simple as hiring certified CBus installers and you’ll be able to save money by controlling your heating and lighting, keep your home safer with motion sensors and CCTV, and even have your windows and doors manage themselves automatically, so that it appears you’re home when you actually aren’t.

Kitchen design

Floral Bazaar Kitchen FB Main_MC_med

In 2019, the kitchen will advance from being a place where you cook, to being a place that reflects and supports your healthy lifestyle. Other than the warm colors and natural wood for the kitchen furniture, you’ll want straight lines and minimalist-styled appearance.

The goal is to keep things simple, uncluttered and organised, so that you feel serene and positive while in your kitchen, since most families spend a significant amount of time in it. For this reason, it’s also important that your kitchen is family-friendly, which you can achieve by adding an island and some chairs to it, or even going for an open-floor plan and merging it with your dining room or living room.

The materials you use should be sustainable and, if possible, recycled, with some floating shelves and open or glass-door cabinets filled with healthy ingredients for your meal to promote healthier cooking and eating. Plus, some jars with herbs and spices that would grow right inside your kitchen won’t only add to your wellness, but will make the room seem more inviting.

Bathroom design

Remodelling your bathroom

From being a place of necessity and a good spot for grooming, bathrooms are turning into a space where you can also relax. Multiple lighting features with a dimming option, soothing color patterns and even a decorative, yet practical piece of furniture, such as an upholstered chair or a stool will turn your bathroom into a tranquil place for you to enjoy. And if there’s enough room for a self-standing bath to soak in after a long day, your 2019 bathroom will be more than perfect.

These trends are a great starting point to decorating your home, but make sure you add some of your own unique style to it. After all, you’re the one who lives there, so it’s yourself you should impress before anybody else.

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