Swimming pool design projects to consider in 2018

relaxing by a pool

The thing about pools is that they’re not there just so that you can swim a bit or even stay in shape. After all, some pools are not even big enough for swimming, but that doesn’t render them useless. Your pool is also an active element of your property, which means that its functionality and aesthetics also affect its design and even its resale value. There are several swimming pool design projects you should consider in 2018 in order to get the most out of your pool and pool area, in general.

Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles

While pool murals aren’t a thing to be underestimated, they have one significant disadvantage that one must consider. You see, over time, they are bound to fade away, which is a shame, considering that they cost a small fortune to make. Instead, think about using mosaic tiles and achieve the same aesthetic effect but get a much more durable solution to the problem. Sure, some people may argue that mosaics are more expensive than murals, yet the cost-to- durability (longevity) still favours them quite strongly.

Something a bit darker

Something a bit darker

In the past, people favoured lighter coloured materials when it came to their pool design, in order to give their pool greater clarity. Recently, however, the emphasis slowly began to shift toward darker pool colours. Apart from being quite innovative, darker colours tend to make your pool appear deeper, which means that you can get the same visual effect with less work and materials required.

Furthermore, darker pools are bound to be warmer, due to their sun-attractive features. Apart from this, you can rest assured that you’ll have the only such pool in the neighbourhood.

Pool automation

As for the practicality of your pool, you might want to consider automating some of its basic processes. Sure, just having a pool is great, yet the amount of work that goes into its maintenance is simply staggering. On the other hand, what if you were able to control the temperature or the lighting installed with it through a remote or even your smartphone? Needless to say, this would also raise your pool customisation options to a whole new level, which should, on its own, be incentive enough for you to carry on with this plan. Moreover, this way, you will get a much greater insight into what actually takes place inside of your pool.

Lagoon instead of a deck

Lagoon instead of a deck

In the past, it was quite standard to have a wooden or even a marble deck at the periphery of your pool. In 2018, however, more and more people are likely to turn their focus towards an alternative approach to this idea. Namely, having a shallow lagoon instead of a deck is a unique and oddly satisfying solution to your seating problem. All you have to do next is find outdoor furniture that is water resistant enough and you have all of your problems figured out. Needless to say, this also depends on the material of the pool and here, fibreglass pools are a particularly great option.

Going with monochrome

While the hygiene in your pool should always be paramount, when going with a monochrome palette in your pool’s decoration, you can make your pool appear even cleaner than it actually is. Even though there are many other trends that are currently emerging, when it comes to innovative pool ideas, these five notions will leave a huge mark on 2018.

The size of the pool, its shape and even materials used are arbitrary, however, with these five amazing trends at your side, you stand a chance of creating something completely extraordinary. As a reward, you will get to enjoy your own pool more than ever before. The difference between going to a tropical island and resting in your own backyard will become blurrier than you could have ever imagined.

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