Sunroom ideas

Sunroom Design Ideas & Everything You Need to Know About It

Everything you need to know about sunrooms

We’ve all seen those beautiful home additions bathed in sunlight commonly known as sunrooms. Featuring a bright and light design, sunrooms exude relaxation, positivity and a casual vibe. Many homeowners decide to add this flexible area to their homes as a way to expand their living space and enrich their entire home experience. If you yourself have fallen in love with enchanting sunrooms, you should discover their different designs and learn about what they bring to the table.

Sunrooms offer various stylish designs

Greenery in a sunroom

As a home extension, a sunroom can complement both your interior and exterior home design. It offers plenty of choices when it comes to design styles. For instance, a sunroom can also be a family entertainment centre that opens up to your backyard, erasing the boundaries between the outdoors and indoors. You can also choose between formal and informal sunroom designs depending on your overall home style. It can feature a cottage-style look, creating a casual vibe and promoting a relaxed lifestyle. French-styled solariums with Doric columns can complement a Georgian home while a simple yet elegant design can work well with a contemporary home.

Sunrooms come in different shapes and forms

Winter Garden with a sunroom

If you’ve been thinking about adding a sunroom to your home, you should also be aware of different types available. A typical sunroom is also known as a conservatory or a solarium. It’s attached to a house and serves as a casual space during mild and pleasant months. A four-season room is quite similar to a typical sunroom, but it’s actually designed to be used throughout the year, featuring also a heating and cooling system. You can also opt for an attached greenhouse if you have a green thumb. This type of sunrooms is more appropriate to plants due to its humidity levels, light and temperature. Finally, you can also add a screen room or a porch with mesh walls. This type is also appropriate for more favourable weather conditions.

Sunrooms can be an easy and flexible home extension

Conservatory in a garden

Home extensions are one of the most popular and practical home improvements, enabling you to maximise your home’s usable space. As a home extension, a lovely sunroom can boost your home’s visual appeal and value, providing you with yet another enjoyable home area. Furthermore, the construction of a sunroom can be easy, quick and affordable. You can opt for smart and prefabricated steel frame solutions that can be easily installed, speeding up the sunroom construction. Thus, if you’re on a tight schedule, you can complete this project quickly and almost effortlessly.

Sunrooms can be made of different materials

Inside a cosy sunroom

Sunrooms and their components can be made of different materials, each one bringing certain considerations. Aluminium, for instance, doesn’t offer great insulation and might be a bit expensive, but it’s commonly used for the roof structure for more strength. Vinyl is the most common and popular option for the support. It’s a great choice because it offers good insulation and strength while requiring little maintenance. In addition, it’s also the most cost-effective solution.

When it comes to wood, it’s the most expensive material that requires some maintenance, but it’s a practical structural solution for screen rooms. Finally, glass is also a common option for sunrooms used for roofs or walls. However, glass walls should be of high quality, properly sealed and double-glazed.

Sunrooms come with different considerations

There are numerous considerations to keep in mind when deciding to add a sunroom to your home. You need to consider its location because it can affect its temperature, light and humidity levels. You also need to decide whether you’ll install HVAC system and wire electricity. Of course, this will also affect the type of sunroom you’ll be able to build. Furthermore, you can also choose between prefabricated and site-built sunrooms, which also brings financial considerations to the table.

A sunroom can be a beautiful, practical and profitable addition to your home. However, before starting the construction process, make sure to learn more about different types of sunrooms and considerations that they bring.

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  1. Virginia K. Goff says:

    The best sunroom designs should have a lot of bare glass in order to show off the garden and let in the maximum amount of light. This will make you feel as though you’re sat outside and can be a great way to combat ‘cabin fever’ if you have been in the house all day.

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