Floral wallpaper – six ways to brighten your home

Avenue L - flower wallpaper

Floral wallpaper that’s big, bold, dramatic: florals have always been core to our Silk Interiors Collection. Many of our customers don’t initially consider florals but are blown away by the bold, contemporary floral designs on offer. This ain’t grandma’s house…

Here are six ways to use bold floral wallpaper to create a feature wall in your home.

1. Dual tone it with the same design

Avenue L - flower wallpaper

Take the floral design you love and complement it with  the same design in a different colour. The two walls are nicely juxtaposed. I’ve done a similar thing in my study at home with a different design and I love it. This design is Avenue L in Beige & Ivory and Brown, $264.00 per roll incl GST and shipping.

2. OMG is that a wallpaper or a painting?

Floral Pink Wallpaper - interior design
Garnet in Deep Purple $264.00 incl. GST and delivery per 16m2 roll

OK, so the dramatic lighting helps, but this wallpaper is so vivid and textured it looks more like a painting than wallpaper. The extra width of this roll of wallpaper helps create the large pattern. Garnet is 106cm wide with a 15.5m drop, so there’s plenty of wallpaper on a single roll to create a feature wall. $264 per roll including GST and shipping.

3. This wall is coming up roses!

Merry Rose - Pink wallpaper
Merry Rose Wallpaper, discounted to $110 incl. GST per 16m2 roll

I can almost smell the roses from here! What a delightful bouquet of pink roses to bring some country cottage charm to your home. There is just one roll left of Merry Rose – Pink and the roll has been opened, but it’s uncut and undamaged. This 106cm x 15.5m roll, enough to create a generous-sized feature wall has been heavily reduced to just $110.00 including GST and shipping.

4. Less is more

Wallpaper - interior design

There’s no need to wallpaper the whole wall when a section of a wall is just as dramatic! This feature wall recalls wallpaper’s ancient history of tapestries hung on the walls of castles … and when the less well off couldn’t afford the tapestries they started using paper instead. The texture of Vera – Red & Brown makes the paper seem like it’s painted or perhaps even woven. $264.00 including GST and shipping.

5. A 3D illusion makes your wall pop!

Vivid Green

Pop goes the wallpaper! This design practically leaps of the wall to tell you how fabulous it is. It doesn’t get more bold than this aptly named Vivid wallpaper in green (no longer available in green, but available in the equally endearing red and white and gold combo). It’s a definite stand out and a long-time fave of ours.

6. Go with the flow

High Sense - Grey floral wallpaper
High Sense – Grey floral wallpaper $264 incl. GST per 16m2 roll

This floral wallpaper design is filled with flowing movement and I’m swooning over those floral swirls. High Sense – Grey (also available in Sepia) gives you maximum bang for $264 bucks (including GST & shipping).

Would you use a floral wallpaper design to create your feature wall?

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