Cupid’s Beau Wallpaper in Quince & Chalk


$540 + $54 GST per roll

Introducing Cupid’s Beau Wallpaper: an original design inspired by Etchings & Roses, now beautifully reimagined in a botanical style. This wallpaper features rare and intricately detailed prints from Mulhouse, with delicate insects scattered throughout the design. Giles has added his own touch with illustrative bows and calligraphy, including his signature ‘G’. In the metallic version, the bow stands out for a stunning finish. Each color option creates a captivating contrast between the botanical elements and the background, preserving the antique charm of the original print while giving it a fresh and modern twist.

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Cupid's Beau Wallpaper In Quince Chalk
Cupid’s Beau Wallpaper in Quince & Chalk