Aurelia’s Grail Wallpaper in Madder & Parchment


$450 + $45 GST per roll

Introducing Aurelia’s Grail Wallpaper: Step into a world of Tudor charm with this stunning wallpaper featuring Aurelia, the focal point surrounded by a menagerie of Tudor creatures. Adorned in luxurious jacquard fabric, Aurelia’s presence is captivating, set against a backdrop of unicorns, yales, capuchins, pygmy parrots, and Japanese Chin dogs, amidst intricate vines and English roses. This wallpaper is a homage to the art of tapestry-making, with its meticulous detail and rich symbolism. The Trompe-l’oeil style adds a touch of regal elegance, while the quintessentially British rose motif ties the design together. Aurelia’s Grail Wallpaper is your ticket to a world where fantasy meets tradition, curated by Aurelia herself.

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Aurelia's Grail Wallpaper in Madder Parchment
Aurelia’s Grail Wallpaper in Madder & Parchment