Matching Window dressings to home decor: your ultimate guide

succulents and blinds

Gone are the days when heavy floral drapes gathered dust and mildew at your windows and tacky lace curtains sagged under a simple tug. Today, the modern home is sophisticated and charming with clean and practical window dressings to match. With the huge selection of blinds at your disposal, there is no longer room for dated dust collectors in the modern home.

Even while you might want to zone in on the best home décor, it’s not enough to simply choose blinds for their elegance and style.

Take time to think not only about each room but what you want your blinds to achieve. Did you know that homes lose up to 25 percent of their cooling and heating through windows? That’s right. So, choosing your window treatments wisely can go a long way to saving you money.

Let’s take a look at the best blinds to choose from.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are sheets of fabric attached to a roller which is concealed by a pelmet. One of the most widespread blind types around, not only are they easy to use but they are functional in almost every room. Some roller blinds are fitted with both sheer and block-out fabrics. Sheer material effectively diffuses light coming into the room while block-out fabric blocks light from entering altogether. Roller blinds also come in the form of double roller blinds which are translucent from inside and blackout from outside.

Available in a variety of colours and materials, you can easily match your home décor with your roller blind or go for something in complete contrast to make the blind pop as a stunning feature. You must be aware of their downside though. While roller blinds are low maintenance and provide oodles of privacy, they are not as efficient at heating and cooling as other options. Let’s check out some others.

Roman Blinds

Not unlike roller blinds in their application, Roman blinds are simple yet classic, attached above the window and lowered to block light out. The difference is in the way Roman blinds are pulled up. Using a string the material folds into pleats instead of a roll of fabric. The material in Roman blinds is normally a lot thicker. A great choice for bedrooms because they block light out, they can add a sense of depth and dimension to a window.

Available in a range of colours and fabrics, Roman blinds are a better option for reducing heating and cooling costs when used with an insulating material.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are made of thin horizontal slats that can be altered to control how much light travels through. Normally made from aluminium or wood, the range of styles and colours is not as diverse as it is with Roman and roller blinds.

Timber venetians are most commonly used because they have an undying elegance and blend in with almost any décor or colour scheme. People might opt for aluminium blinds when they want something sturdier and more durable, often in the office or wet rooms.

As with roller blinds, venetians will offer you the most privacy, are low maintenance and easy to clean. There is a downside though. Because they do not close completely, they leave room for light to filter through slightly.


Like venetians, shutters are made of horizontal wooden slats, which can be altered to control the amount of light in a room. The difference is that shutter slats (or louvers) are wider than those on venetian blinds and as such look sturdier. Shutters deliver a traditional and often luxurious feel and have been in use for centuries. However, improvements in materials and colour selections have improved dramatically over the years so you won’t feel like you are sitting in your grandma’s kitchen.

Vertical Blinds

As their name suggests, vertical blinds hang vertically from the top of a sliding track. The blades can be tilted to adjust lighting and provide privacy. Newer brands are weighted at the bottom because vertical blinds can twist and bend with continued use. An ideal choice for sliding windows and doors, they open and close for easy access.

Now that you have a simple understanding of the different ways to dress up your windows, remember that blinds are not just for design and panache. With their overall functionality and practicality when it comes to saving on energy costs, you can make blinds a pragmatic choice for your home’s décor. Take time to research the type of blinds that will function well in each space. The right blinds will give your home a fresh look while making you comfy and relaxed.

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