Interior design tricks to transform your home

Mixed style furniture

Every professional designer has tricks and follows rules that can transform any room into the most beautiful space in the world literally anyone could enjoy. Creating a picture-perfect room only seems easy as there are so many factors that need to be included. In this guest post, Emma shows how taking care of every little corner and making it look in sync with the homeowner’s style is a job you need to do carefully. This is why people often find themselves in a trap and ask for professional help when they’re renovating their home. With a little help from the designers that can show you their tricks, you too can make your home look like the front page of interior design magazines.

Accent wall

Malva wallpaper from the Lohko collection by Scion

In order to make any room shine and make it different from the others, you should focus on making one wall extra colourful and exciting. To achieve that, paint it in a vibrant colour or choose a darker shade which will give the room a totally different vibe. However, if you want to make it more elegant, sophisticated or more colourful, opt for wallpapers and choose one of many colour combinations or patterns. In the end, if you’re looking for something totally unordinary, every designer will suggest doing a brick wall or decorating it with wood pallets. These easy wall transformations will help you change the design of every room and your guests will be amazed by the innovations you’ve introduced.

Spice up the furniture

Mixed retro style furniture

This seems like something most people already know, but interior designers say that homeowners often feel that buying new furniture is easy, but this is where they’re wrong. In the past few years, people in Australia, for instance, started to pay more attention to the furniture they buy and they like to follow trends. This is why you’ll find all the trendy and stylish pieces if you visit a local furniture store in Sydney and look for new additions to your home. Aussies have a great eye for interior decorating so finding stylish pieces that are trending this season all over their homes is no surprise.

DIY is always welcome

Every designer has a signature move that separates them from the others and that’s usually a DIY project or two they particularly adore. That’s exactly what you need to do and the list goes from decorative items you can scatter all over your living space to more complicated projects like creating a unique coffee table or an interesting bookcase. With lots of tutorials you can find online and numerous inspirations from interior design magazines, you’ll always have enough ideas for everything you want to create. This also goes for reupholstering your furniture and giving your sofa a new look by applying new modern patterns and trendy colours.

Small room design

There are a few tricks that can help you design even the smallest rooms in your house and make them shine like the rest of the house. For starters, when thinking about painting your walls, choose softer shades because these will maximize the space and bring out the overall design of the room. In addition to that, a huge mirror is going to reflect lots of natural light and create an illusion of a much bigger space. You shouldn’t forget adding green elements even if you’re struggling with space, because you can achieve a lot by adding a green wall or hanging flower pots. These ideas will open up the space and make your small room stylish and cosy.

The last trick you need to explore is using your own personal items to decorate your home, but that’s probably the easiest task. This is important because it gives a soul to your home and adds that final personal touch. Without it, your house would be too plain and you’ll instead be amazed how great your memorabilia looks when displayed throughout the house. Every house desires accessories, so use your most treasured possessions instead of hiding them away in storage units. To avoid going over the budget, just work with what you have and spend that money on something you actually need. After everything is done, sit back and enjoy what you have created – you’ll definitely notice the difference right away!

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