How to give your patio a rustic decor vibe


The rustic design style looks amazing in every room of your home, but it has a little bit of extra charm when incorporated in outdoor spaces like gardens, decks or patios. Spring is the perfect time to give your patio an update and give the rustic decor a shot, which Australians seem to know best. Our guest poster, Chloe, shows us how we can turn our patio into a real pastoral idyll.

Rustic walls

This design is all about reclaimed wood, naked beams and exposed brick walls, especially if they retained their natural colour. All of these wall elements add an irresistible sense of charm and history to the space. However, if you don’t have bricks, you can easily fake the look with some brick wallpapers (but only if your patio is well protected from the elements).

Vintage Bricks Wallpaper

These wallpapers are easy to install and maintain, and if you want to change the look in the future, it will take only an hour or so to remove them.

Embrace nature

As we stated above, rustic design is based on natural materials such as wood, brick and stone. If you’re planning to do a complete renovation of your yard and patio, it’s a good idea to ask for professional help. Discuss your options with a trustworthy architect from Melbourne. They will help you create an oasis you, your family and friends will be able to enjoy knowing the work was expertly done. Professionals also know how to use all the potential of your patio to the max.

House Blue Print

Comfy sitting zone


To fully enjoy your outdoor space, you must designate a corner for some comfy seating. You want furnishing that’s high-quality, but it doesn’t have to be newly bought. You can check out thrift stores or antique shops for some vintage pieces, or simply take your old furniture set and repaint it. Add a few pillows with rural designs and patterns and your outdoor oasis is almost ready.

Decorate for the win

Every design style needs a couple of statement pieces that will attract the eye and add a bit of flair to it. You can add painting frames, outdoor lamps, DIY rustic pallet shelving or a vintage refrigerator to keep your drinks cool during the warm days. The decoration is the part of the design where you can really show off your creativity and give your space personality and a unique look. Make it look interesting and fun. However, take it easy with decoration. If you put too many items in your patio, you can make it look cluttered and chaotic instead of well-thought-out.

Add plenty of flowers


Rustic spaces can (almost) never have too many flowers and greenery. However, the size of your space really dictates the size and placement of your plants and planters. If your patio doesn’t have enough space to house big planters, you can opt for vertical gardens that take up minimal space but create a big effect. When it comes to plants, opt for bushes (if you have enough space), roses, hollyhocks, hydrangeas, coneflowers or catmint. These plants have an extra rustic vibe. You can also plant climbers to create a natural screen and add some privacy to your porch. Opt for planters made of natural materials such as terracotta, reclaimed wood and even hollowed logs. You can also think outside the box and plant flowers in repurposed items such as old tin cans, rustic buckets and vintage teacups!

Pave your way

If you want to further emphasise the rustic look of your patio, make an adorable path that leads to your little haven. Little fairy-tale paths made of bricks, stone or gravel add extra rusticity to every space. And if you decide to fill the gaps between pavers with ground cover, you will create a completely rustic setting.

The rustic design will give your patio maximal cosines and charm, so if that’s the space you want to spend your time in, don’t hesitate to enrich it with this beautiful style. If you start your day with a cup of coffee in such a space, every day will begin with a smile.

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