Flock wallpaper

Damask wallpaper design

Nothing speaks luxury in wall coverings quite like fabulous flock wallpaper. Throw in a damask design and I’m swooning in the elegance of it all.

What is flocking?

Flock wallpaper features a raised pattern on the wallpaper’s surface and they have a velour or velvet-like feel. Flocking is applied during a process where many small flocking fiber particles (called ‘flock’) are added the wallpaper’s surface. This is what is known as ‘flocking’.

Here’s a fabulous video of a wallpaper studio making flock wallpaper back in the 1960s

This type of wallpaper originated in the 18th century and is associated with grandeur and opulence. It’s a very tactile style of wallpaper. You won’t be able to keep your hands off its soft, velvety touch.

Many flocked wallpaper designs are classic damasks.

Our flock wallpaper

We have our very own elegant range of velvet flocked wallpaper for sale.

Pugin Palace by Cole & Son

Pugin Palace Flocked Wallpaper

The palaces and grand houses of the mid-1800s designed by A. W. Pugin were the inspiration behind the striking damask flocked pattern of Pugin Palace Flock Wallpaper.

It’s available in 3 colours: Charcoal, Claret and Dark Hyacinth.

116/9035 Pugin Palace Flock - Charcoal

116/9034 Pugin Palace Flock - Claret

116/9033 Pugin Palace Flock - Dark Hyacinth

Rajapur Flock Wallpaper

Rajapur Flocked Wallpaper


It’s available in two colour palettes: warmed Yellow and White, and Hyacinth and White.

Rajapur Flocked Wallpaper by Cole & Son

Petrouchka Flock Wallpaper

Petrouchka Flocked Wallpaper by Cole & Son

A luxurious flock damask wallpaper, Petrouchka adds intense colour and drama to any interior. 

It’s available in 5 colourways.

Petrouchka Flocked Wallpaper by Cole & Son

Petrouchka Flocked Wallpaper by Cole & Son

Petrouchka Flocked Wallpaper by Cole & Son

Petrouchka Flocked Wallpaper by Cole & Son

Petrouchka Flocked Wallpaper by Cole & Son

Use of flock wallpaper in the home

Flock wallpapers are not great for high-traffic areas such as hallways where they might experience wear over time. This wallpaper is not washable, so they are more suitable for a bedroom or a formal lounge room or dining room and in places where they will experience less wear.

One of the best things about damask flock wallpaper is that it won’t date. It’s a timeless classic and will look as good in five years as it does today.

4 thoughts on “Flock wallpaper

  1. Danny R. says:

    What is the average life of the flock on a wallpaper? I realize you don’t want to put it up in high traffic areas like a hallway, where it can be brushed off, but in a normal room, how long does the flock on the wallpaper normally last? Thank you for your answer!

    • silkinteriors says:

      I actually don’t know what the life span is. It will depend on a number of factors, from climate to traffic. I would ask a flock wallpaper manufacturer what the lifespan of their wallpaper is.

  2. Marie says:

    I have a home that the previous owner had beautiful flocked wallpaper in light greens and yellows but due to his smoking for many years most of it is discolored. Is there anything that I can do to clean it? Would it have to be painted? It was put on there correctly and will not come off easily I am sure. Thank you for any insight.

  3. TJ Kang says:

    Hi Marie, I’m not sure how you could clean discoloured flocked wallpaper. But whatever you try, test it on a small patch, perhaps a part that’s behind a piece of furniture and see how it turns out.

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