Easy ways to instantly upgrade your balcony

Outdoor deck area

Although balconies are a valued part of any home, their function is more emphasised in apartments. This is probably because apartments don’t usually come with a private garden for you and your family to use. It’s no wonder most people want to make the best of their balconies. If you’re thinking about upgrading yours and you lack ideas, here are some good ones to help you out.

Go green

Greenery on a balcony

The easiest and fastest way to turn your balcony into a more pleasant and appealing open space is to add some greenery to it. You can get some big, decorative pots and place them in the corners of your balcony or along the railing. If you want to save floor space, either hang some of them on the ceiling, or mount them on the wall. Going vertical is a smart move when your balcony is small, so find a palette you can re-purpose for this, or get some colourful railing planters. Make sure you choose plants that bloom with cheerful-looking flowers and not just in summer, but in winter, too. The colours and fragrances will make spending time on your balcony and the view of Melbourne much more enjoyable.

Light it up

Party lights to upgrade your balcony

A lovely way to turn your balcony into a brighter and more interesting place is with the use of lights. From making it look more rustic or vintage by getting barn lights and lanterns, to creating a magical, starry appearance by getting string lights of different colours and shapes. The string lights can be hung along the edges of your balcony, or placed in zig-zag on the ceiling. Some of them are even solar, so you can even make your balcony decorations environment-friendly. If you want to make it even more romantic, you can be creative and turn some everyday glass objects into improvised lanterns. For example, you can hang some mason jars and put a scented candle in each of them, or make torches out of empty wine bottles for charming mood lighting.

Close it up

If your balcony is exposed to the elements to the point where you can’t even use it, you should consider closing it up. Probably the best way to close your balcony is with large glass windows, so that you don’t lose the natural light, and so that you can open them when the weather is nice and you want some fresh air. These windows can protect your balcony from the wind and rain, but also from the Melbourne sun during the unbearable summer heat. Of course, the windows themselves won’t do much against the direct sun, but you can always install aluminium or timber Venetian blinds for both solar protection and privacy against curious neighbours and passers-by.

Invest in outdoor furniture

Cushions and a throw rug to decorate a balcony

No matter how nice your balcony looks, if you don’t have a nice spot on it to sit or lie down and enjoy the view, you have to make some changes. Buying outdoor furniture has never been easier, due to the numerous variations in style, materials and colours. In the Melbourne weather, you might opt for recycled plastic or resin wicker furniture. A nice garden set might do the trick, but if your balcony is small, make sure the table is rectangular, rather than round and that your chairs can be folded when not in use, for additional space. If you’re looking for a more laid-back look, you can always get a hanging lounge chair or a hammock and relax comfortably whenever you feel like it.

Add some colour

Small colour pots and plants

Turning your balcony into a happy, upbeat place can be done by adding colourful details to its décor. There are so many ways to do this, that you’re actually only limited by your imagination. You can paint the walls on your balcony or your railing in bright colours; you can choose furniture in different hues of red, green, blue and pink, or simply get big cushions in those colours.

No matter what your budget is, there are ways to improve and update your balcony appearance in no time. And when you’re done, pour yourself some ice-tea, play some relaxing music and enjoy your balcony’s scenery.


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