Design tips: How to create a vintage-style bathroom

Vintage bathroom design tips

If you want to add some style to your bathroom and create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, you might want to try decorating your bathroom with vintage elements. This interior design style makes any space look elegant and timeless. So, if you feel like you could go for a bathroom with a classy vibe, take a look at this little vintage-style bathroom guide.

Choose the right colour

Victorians loved to keep their things clean and tidy, so you might want to opt for an all-white colour palette that will bring out the cleanliness and airy-ness of the space. A pure white or ivory white combined with some soft pastel accents will convey a real vintage vibe. Think soft turquoise, pink and blue, but be moderate. Use them only as little pops of colour in an all-white bathroom.

Opt for copper and brass

Vintage brass taps

If you want to add colour with metallic elements, you have to be careful. Chrome and other silvery metals look very modern and high-tech which doesn’t go well with a vintage style. Instead, opt for much warmer copper, iron, nickel, brass and bronze.

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Vintage floors

Vintage timber flooring

Photo by Keith Misner on Unsplash

Your floors should match the era as well, so find some wood or marble flooring. Wood was a very popular choice during the Victorian age, but marble looks much more luxe. However, if real marble is out of your price range, you can find pretty cheap tiles with a marble print that have the same effect for less money.

Interesting tiles

If you love the Art Deco period, then you must invest in some interesting hexagonal tiles. They come in all sizes and colours, but your safest bet is to choose a subdued colour like white and spice things up with smaller accessories.

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Skip the cabinets

Tips for designing a vintage bathroom

In the early times of bathrooms, cabinets were used very rarely. So, if you want to stay true to the vintage style, you might want to opt for open shelves instead of closed cabinets. For an especially vintage look, go with polished wood or marble shelves.

Provide comfy seating

If you have enough space in your bathroom, you can introduce an antique chair for some extra comfort and style. A simple wooden chair with an upholstered seat and back will look amazing in every vintage bathroom.

Invest in a freestanding bath

Freestanding bathtub

There’s nothing more vintage than a claw-foot tub made of smooth white porcelain. In the olden times, built-in tubs were very rare because of the plumbing issues, but freestanding tubs were present in almost every home. Today, they are super popular in developed countries like Australia for their beautiful design. So, if you decide to invest in such a tub, make sure to call an experienced plumber from Melbourne who will do all the installation and pipework.

Install a pedestal sink

vintage wash stand

Just like a freestanding tub, a detached pedestal sink has a strong vintage vibe. Curvy Victorian sinks or boxy Craftsman models both look amazing in every vintage-style bathroom. But, if you don’t want to sacrifice your storage space, you can repurpose an antique dresser into a sink vanity.

Vintage decoration

A touch of vintage glam for the bathroom

To finish off your vintage bathroom, hang an interesting antique chandelier instead of modern recessed lights. Chandeliers have a strong vintage tone and look very luxurious. Also, bathrooms from the old times rarely had cabinets with built-in mirrors that are present in almost every modern home. Instead, they used full-length or half-length mirrors with an ornate frame. So, visit one or two antique shops and you’re bound to find plenty of different models for your vintage bathroom.

All of these vintage elements will help you create a bathroom that looks and feels warm, relaxing and charming. So, don’t forget to take vintage-style decoration into consideration during your next bathroom remodel.

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