How to create a tranquil home

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Your home should be a place of peace. If your home isn’t peaceful and you feel stressed and anxious, here are a few easy and effective things you can do to turn it into a tranquil haven.

Remove clutter

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No matter how much you love the expression ‘creative mess’, the truth is that clutter has a very negative effect on people. It creates an unconscious pressure and can weigh on you even if you’re not aware of it. Plus, you’ll waste a lot of time scrambling to find your keys or phone. So, before chaos gets out of hand (and it can do that pretty quickly), make a clean-up plan. Get rid of everything that is broken, outdated and serves you no purpose. Even after a few minutes of cleaning, you’ll probably feel tension leave your home.

Get rid of items with negative vibes

No matter how insignificant, we have memories tied even to the smallest of items in our home. However, if those memories are negative ones, get rid of the item. They only create bad vibes and make you feel uncomfortable. So, once you get rid of them, you’ll be one step closer to a Zen home.

Light it up with soft illumination

Harsh fluorescent lights are not very relaxing, so try to accompany them with a soft fireplace light or a few aromatic candles. They will illuminate your home with warm and natural light of the fire that’s proven to lower our blood pressure and make us feel calm and safe. Dim lamps are also a good choice, just avoid relaxing under a strong ceiling light.

Welcome nature into your home

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Humans will automatically feel more relaxed when surrounded by nature and natural elements. By welcoming nature into your home, you’ll achieve a vibe that will fill you with peace and positivity. So, put up some floral wallpaper that will create an illusion of nature, try growing indoor plants or even install a water feature!

Let the fresh air in

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Did you know that the indoor air can be a lot more toxic than the air outside? If you think about all the cooking smells, fumes, cigarette smoke, VOCs, cleaning supplies and dust that can pollute your indoor air, it’s not a surprise that air quality can disturb your home’s Zen. So, remember to open your windows every day and let some fresh air inside. You can also invest in some good mould air purifier that will eliminate a lot of air pollutants and make your air cleaner.

Invest in comfy and simple furniture

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To achieve maximum relaxation in your home, you need some comfy yet simple furniture. Zen furniture is often characterised by clean and simple lines, no unnecessary details and soft and airy materials and colours. Additionally, opt only for quality items. High-quality, sturdy items will bring a sense of security and warmth into your home. Pay special attention to your bedroom which should be the most tranquil part of your home. Make sure it’s warm, calm and airy.

Keep decorations at minimum

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Unless you’re a hardcore minimalist, you probably have some decorations in your home, and that’s completely fine. However, too many decorative items can create clutter and overburden your space. So, try to sort through your decor and leave only the things that are very dear to you and your family members.

Remove as many electronics as you can

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Electronics can not only distract you but they can also cause disruptive mood, loss of spatial abilities and creativity, and even depression. Pay special attention to your bedroom and try to reduce the number of electronic devices as much as possible.

We live in stressful times and anything that can help you relax and relieve some stress is a great addition to your home. It doesn’t take much time, effort and money to achieve tranquillity, so don’t hesitate to transform your home and embrace the Zen.


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