Commercial interior design: Hot trends for 2018

Contemporary meeting space

There are a lot of challenges and requirements at play when designing a great commercial space. It’s important to have a space that is practical, functional, cost-effective, and comfortable for the employees and inviting for potential clients and visitors. In addition to all this, business owners nowadays also want their workspaces to be current, modern, and in line with the latest trends. This is not easy as design trends are constantly changing and keeping up can be quite challenging. On the other hand, an outdated office décor can make a poor impression and have clients believing that the business is also lagging behind.

Here are several design trends that can modernize commercial spaces and make them up to date, functional, inspiring and inviting.

Colour choice and tones

Modul wallpaper from the Lohko Collection by Scion

A great choice of colour is the first mark of a great design. The current trend now is going with deep, cool tones inspired by nature that are calming and neutral. Different shades of grey combined with beige or ivory are an excellent pick, but it can create a space that feels too cold. A solution is to add splashes and details with vibrant colours, such as red, pink or green.

Geometric patterns

Lohko from the Lohko collection by Scion

Large accent walls that break up neutral tones and clean lines are hot right now. The aim is to go big and create an entire wall with geometric patterns using captivating wallpapers or pieces of art, like paintings. This adds a lot of texture and draws the eye; it makes the space stand out from the rest and definitely has the potential to make a great impression on visitors and clients.


One of the most popular design trends that has appeared lately is creating dynamic spaces which imply constant change. These spaces offer great functionality and adaptability to whatever need may arise. They are movable, engaging and can be transformed to accommodate for company parties, but also work for traditional meeting areas. Functional and dynamic office spaces are characterised by light, movable furniture with wheels, movable walls, doors and green wall dividers that help create open spaces, and live plants and containers.

As current commercial fitouts in Australia show us, the demand is high for high quality, durable and modern furniture pieces that are ergonomically designed, with head and armrests, as well as standing desks. The main idea is to have multi-functional furniture in a multi-functional space that enables a free flow of work activities.

Unique design details

Contemporary meeting space

Another trend that has been on the rise recently is to make the workspace more inviting, inspiring and personalised. This is easily done by adding quirky details such as unusual artwork, mismatched floor tiles or repurposed objects. These unique details are bold statements that don’t go unnoticed by clients.

Environmental impact

Corporate office dining area with high ceiling

Eco-awareness has never been more important and taking the environmental impact into consideration is now an integral part of any office design. This has become a priority and with all the developments in technology and materials, it is easily incorporated into any design. For instance, windows with photovoltaic glass absorb solar energy that can later be used within the commercial space. Another great example is the biophilic design which uses nature as an architectural framework and incorporates it into the design using textures, live plants, natural lighting and patterns.

Design plays a big role in all aspects of our daily lives, home and work, and it goes beyond just creating sustainable and energy efficient spaces. It aims at having it all – creating a space that is eco-friendly, but has all the features that help employees feel comfortable, productive and inspired.

In the business world of today, it’s important to have a workspace that corresponds to business needs and enhances workers’ performance as well. Design trends are constantly changing to meet the demands of businesses and it clearly influences people’s ability to be efficient, productive and creative at their workplaces.

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