Wallpaper offcuts giveaway!

A sample of wallpaper offcuts we're giving away FREE
Wallpaper offcuts
A small selection of wallpaper offcuts we have to give away. Some offcuts have metres and metres of wallpaper!

Wallpaper offcuts

There are so many things you can do with wallpaper offcuts.

So far, our customers have decorated stools, made jewellery, made cards, created framed wall art and even made a fireplace screen.

I once tried to make cushions with wallpaper offcuts. Ummm… epic FAIL! Don’t try that one at home.

We’re giving away wallpaper offcuts!

We have about a gazillion wallpaper offcuts lying around, waiting patiently for a crafty person to get their hands on them and do something creative. The next Great Silk Interiors’ Giveaway will begin on Monday 18 August 2014 on our Facebook page, so get over there and like us so you can stay in touch with the daily giveaways.

Each day, we’ll add several designs and if you’d like the offcut, comment ‘SOLD’ on the post plus your postcode. The offcuts are free to a good home, but we have to get them to you somehow, so there will be a P&H fee starting at $25 to cover the costs of the mailing tube and it will depend on how many courier coupons you need. You can have up to three part rolls / offcuts per delivery 🙂 Payments can be made via PayPal or direct deposit.


For some creative inspiration, here’s a selection of blog posts that will give you ideas of what you can do with wallpaper offcuts:


What will you do with your wallpaper offcuts?

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