The rustic charm of timber-look wallpaper

Whitewashed Timber-look WallpaperWhitewashed Timber Wallpaper2

Authentic timber-look wallpaper

Timber-look wallpaper just keeps getting better and better. We love how authentic and realistic these rustic timber wallpaper designs look. The can really add depth and texture and wow factor to any room. Most have a neutral colour base, allowing you to bring in a pop of colour through your accessories.

They’re so tactile, you’ll not be able to keep your hands off them. And you won’t have to worry about getting a single splinter!

Black Wooden Boards

Black Wooden Boards Wallpaper

Evoke images of the walls of cool New York lofts and apartments with this chic, faux Black Wooden Boards timber wallpaper in a rich black.

Newport Bleached Planks

Newport Wallpaper

Newport Bleached Planks are an enduring interior design trend you can cover the entire room with rather than relegating it to feature wall status.

Get the rustic look with this timber wallpaper

Rustic French Chevron

Rustic French Chevron Wallpaper

Inspired by the parquet floors of a French apartment, this Chevron parquet wallpaper will add texture, warmth and rustic charm to any interior. We love the warm, rich browns in this design.

Rustic Wood Panels

Rustic Wood Panels Wallpaper

This Rustic Wood Panels timber wallpaper in a neutral palette is on-trend and will let you accessorise the room however you like. Take it to the country or take it to the wharf, but however you use this wallpaper, you’ll be adding a rustic charm to your space.

Whitewashed Timber

Whitewashed Timber Wallpaper

Versatile shiplap panelling in a neutral colour adds texture and depth to a wall. You can hang this Whitewashed Timber wallpaper horizontally or vertically.

Pally Post Office

Pally Post Office wallpaper swatch

It doesn’t get more rustic or chic than this Pally Post Office wallpaper.

Dollhouse Wood

We love the dash of vibrant pink in this very rustic timber-look Dollhouse Wood wallpaper.

Queensland Weatherboards

Queensland weatherboards timber-look wallpaper

For a uniquely Australian twist, check out at these Queensland Weatherboards.

The timber-look wallpaper style is not going anywhere. The latest timber-look designs are simply divine.

Do you have a favourite?

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