Wallpaper calculator

We developed these wallpaper calculators to help you work out how many rolls of wallpaper you need to create a feature wall in your home or place of business. For the DIY folk, it determines the length of each cut required for pattern matching wallpapers with a vertical repeat pattern. It also determines the number of cuts as well as the number of rolls required.

Enter the width of your wall as well as the height, measuring from the skirting to the ceiling cornice (if you have one). Enter the pattern repeat in centimetres. The repeat figure is listed on the page of your design choice where available. Contact us if you have trouble locating it. Once your figures are entered, click on the calculate button.

Note: All measurements are in metres except for the pattern repeat measurement that is entered as centimetres (cm)

Kemra, Muffin & Mani (kids) Wallpaper Calculator (0.615m x 10m)

Tamara Designs Wallpaper Calculator (0.70m x 10m)

Moore & Moore, Majvellin, and most of the Harlequin/Scion/Sanderson Wallpaper Calculator (0.53m x 10m)

Note: this is the size of a standard roll of wallpaper


These calculators have been provided as a guide only. Silk Interiors accepts no responsibility for any problems that may occur while cutting or hanging wallpaper.

If you have any further questions, please Contact us.

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