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OK, so you’ve found the wallpaper design you absolutely love and now you’re wondering whether or not to hang the wallpaper yourself or to pay a professional to hang it for you. It’s a question I’m often asked. Paying someone to hang your wallpaper is not cheap and it often costs the same as what […]

I think we’ve all done it. Consumed too many interior decorating magazines, scrolled blogs of beautiful house interiors, spent hours on visual mediums such as Pinterest or Instagram, marvelling at beautIful and stylised photos as we pin and purge our consumption as ‘mood boards’ for our one day dream home. However, it might be time […]

How much wallpaper do I need to buy? To work out how much wallpaper you need to buy, first measure your wall(s) by the width and the height. Measure the height between the skirting and cornice, or to the ceiling if you have no cornice. Say, for example, your wall is 4.10 metres wide and […]

Wallpaper offcuts There are so many things you can do with wallpaper offcuts. So far, our customers have decorated stools, made jewellery, made cards, created framed wall art and even made a fireplace screen. I once tried to make cushions with wallpaper offcuts. Ummm… epic FAIL! Don’t try that one at home. We’re giving away […]

I bet it’s only one of ours! We’ve just added a wallpaper calculator to our website so you can determine how many of our rolls of wallpaper you need to create your feature wall. Usually it’s only one, but just to be sure, check out our calculator. Simply enter your wall height, width and the […]