This is a guest blog post by Tanya Burgess from the fabulous Australian website, Baby Hints & Tips. Styling Baby’s Nursery One of the most exciting parts in the lead-up to a little one’s arrival is planning and decorating the nursery. However, with the overload of inspiration we are faced with (thanks to the likes […]

  Nothing speaks luxury in wall coverings quite like fabulous flock wallpaper. Throw in a damask design and I’m swooning in the elegance of it all. What is flocking? Flock wallpaper features a raised pattern on the wallpaper’s surface and they have a velour or velvet-like feel. Flocking is applied during a process where many […]

Gold is associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom. It is the colour of success, achievement and triumph. Using gold in interior decorating can bring a sense of luxury, prestige to a room and gold wallpaper can add a little bling and dazzle to your wall. Gold wallpaper designs Gold in feng shui […]

Have you noticed some creepy crawlies starting to creep into your feeds on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest? I don’t mean realistic photos of spiders and bugs, but beautiful, botanically hand-drawn butterflies, colourful dragonfly motifs on fabrics, vintage bugs on cushions and stick insects stuck on dessert spoons. Some of these designs are quite exquisite and invoke […]

OK, so you’ve found the wallpaper design you absolutely love and now you’re wondering whether or not to hang the wallpaper yourself or to pay a professional to hang it for you. It’s a question I’m often asked. Paying someone to hang your wallpaper is not cheap and it often costs the same as what […]

Yellow is the colour of happiness, optimism, enlightenment and creativity, of sunshine and spring. In almost all cultures it represents sunshine, happiness and warmth. Totally undeserving of its cowardly intonation, yellow in interior decorating can bring a sunny warmth to your home. It’s such a joyful colour, I love it. There are so many different shades […]

Blue is my favourite colour. It is a colour of trust, honesty and loyalty. Blue is reliable and responsible. Perhaps that’s why so many corporate brands are drawn to blue. When interior decorating with blue, whether it’s using coastal colours, inspired by nature, used in stripes or as part of a floral or industrial theme, blues can create […]

No, not THAT type of environmentally-friendly green, or the green you might associate with money… or jealousy … the OTHER type of green. The actual colour green. It’s springtime in Melbourne. Green is the colour of life, renewal and nature. Green is an emotionally positive colour. In interior decorating, green can bring the freshness and harmony into […]

I think we’ve all done it. Consumed too many interior decorating magazines, scrolled blogs of beautiful house interiors, spent hours on visual mediums such as Pinterest or Instagram, marvelling at beautIful and stylised photos as we pin and purge our consumption as ‘mood boards’ for our one day dream home. However, it might be time […]

Spring is almost upon us. Hooray! As the days get longer and the warmer gets warmer, you might feel like it’s a great time to shake off winter habits and action something in your life that needs attention, and a great way to do this is to join a challenge. It might be a health, […]