Another one of those chicken vs egg decorating questions…

Edward - Brown

When it comes to decorating your home or business and choosing a colour scheme, what did you consider first? This is one of those chicken and egg type of questions but one I’m frequently asked by people who are decorating their home or business. So, what do you think should come first? Did you choose your paint colour scheme, then curtains, then wallpaper? Or did you start with your feature wall and work back from there? And what about flooring? When do you make that decision? Have you ever decorated a room around your favourite couch or dining table? Of course I’d love for everyone to choose their wallpaper design for their feature wall first and then let everything flow from there. But in reality, the paint is already on the wall and the carpet laid and tiles are down before I get there. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s good to be creative within boundaries. So tell me, how and when did you choose your colour scheme?

One thought on “Another one of those chicken vs egg decorating questions…

  1. Julie-Ann says:

    I love your chicken and egg questions:). I think I choose the colour range I want to use, then the flooring, then the wallpaper, then the furnishings and then the paint. There are 1000’s of paint colours to choose from – so that’s the easy bit.
    Interesting question about whether you have designed around a couch or a major piece of furniture. Yes I have – sometimes successfully and sometimes the couch was just too dated and had to go. Pop this part of the question on the Decorating Forum and I will explain more:)

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