Forest - tree wallpaperWhen some people think about wallpaper, they conjure an image of grandma’s ugly old mustard and purple paisley walls best left in bygone era and shudder at the horror of the thought having something like that in their house today.

But technology and aesthetics have advanced the range of wallpaper we have on offer today. We are sure to have designs in our collections that appeal to your discerning eye, will reflect your personality and bring spark to your home.

Quality counts

Our range of wallpaper is of better quality than the kind of wallpaper you’ll find at Bunnings. Most wallpapers in the Silk Interiors Collection has a durable, protective PVC coating making it sun resistant and easy to clean and better yet, easier to create seamless joins when you hang it. You’ll also find that many of our designs have a beautiful sheen or glimmer when caught in the light.

Size does matter!

Standard wallpaper is far more feeble than our wallpaper. Standard wallpaper typically comes on rolls of 0.53m x 10m.

Many of our wallpaper rolls are a much bigger size than standard wallpaper. They are available in rolls of 1.06m x 15.6m – literally three times the size of standard wallpaper. Because our rolls are double the width of standard wallpaper, this means less joins on your wall, giving your wallpaper a more seamless finish. The PVC coating on many of our wallpapers makes the paper far more durable than standard wallpaper, which means the wallpaper can be gently massaged into place when matching the design and pattern, helping you achieve that seamless look.

Most people only require a single roll of wallpaper from the Silk Interiors Collection to create their feature wall. See our wallpaper calculator to check how many rolls you require. Our top quality wallpaper represents great value.

Which wallpaper glue to use?

Our wallpaper is not pre-pasted like other wallpaper. We recommend using a standard wallpaper adhesive such as Bartoline readily available from paint and wallpaper stores, or you can buy it from us.

While pre-pasted wallpaper may be easier for the novice wallpaper DIYer to hang, it can stretch and tear around the edge, making it difficult to match the seams and resulting in gaps when you really want that professional looking finish.