7 amazingly creative ways to decorate kid’s room interior

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If you have children, then you how important it is to have space specifically organised for them. Even though you will spend time with them, they need their own room to play, sleep and learn.

If there’s only a few year difference between your children, you don’t have to decorate a separate space for them. This will not only help you stay on the budget but also teach your kids to share. Nurseries and toddler rooms are special.

First-time parents want it to be perfect and ready for every child’s need. The others think they can do it better than the first time. As they grow old, the room changes with them. Children start using the room for learning and homework, as well as to have some privacy. It will be their little world where they’ll spend a lot of time. This means you’ll need ideas and ways to decorate their rooms for every stage.

Perfect nursery

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A nursery has to be good for the baby and their parents. Before you start decoration, you must do some renovations and repairs. Babies need a clean and safe environment to grow and so everything must be in order with the walls and installations.

Paint the room with the lighter softer shades to create a tranquil and peaceful space. A comfortable rocking chair to sit and put your baby to sleep will sure give it the true charm. You can use stickers on the wall above the baby’s crib like a tree or moon with stars. Glittered wallpapers are also a good idea as decoration since they will draw baby’s attention.

And don’t forget to make sure your child’s room is safe from any and all hazards.

A room for both genders

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Creating a room for both genders is not easy. You have to satisfy all your children’s taste to avoid them arguing. And also, you don’t want it to look as though you favour one child over the other.

Stereotypes like “pink for girls” and “blue for boys” are the simplest solution, but there are other more interesting ideas. Use neutral colours on the walls and furniture. Yellow, blue and red combinations are great for carpets and linens. However, if your children are old enough, let them choose their own motifs for the beds.

Use themes

Themed kids’ rooms are always popular depending on the newest cartoon, movie or a comic book. Usually, the girls go through the princess phase, but you can also create a room for all their interests. This is especially important if your kids are of different age or gender.

Love for animals is one thing that most of the kids share. Decorate their beds with animal-shaped cushions and toys. Buy linens with motifs of their favourite animals and use colours which depict nature like green, yellow or blue. Build a small library with books on nature and for colouring.

Check out this gorgeous dinosaur themed bedroom from October Acres! Our son would LOVE this.

Robot themes may be popular with girls as much as boys. The same applies to famous franchises like movie or comic book series.

Colours and patterns

Dragon Sky - Light Blue kids wallpaper Dragon Sky - Pink kids wallpaper

If you have girls you can use flowery motifs. They can be patterns on the wallpapers or colourful artificial ones in the vase. Although boys’ rooms usually go for blue and its shades, you can break this monotony with light, beige carpet. Thinly striped patterns will also do the trick, and you can use them on wallpapers, bed covers and even curtains.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 Ultra Violet is ideal for both genders and will go great with blue and pink tones. Even if you use some yellow and green with it, the children will love it because it’s colourful.

Storage for toys

Hibou Teepee Wallpaper for kids - Blue

However, a kid’s room is primarily the place where children sleep. But many parents also create a play area with toys and games. Psychologists warn that children will have trouble sleeping if the room reminds them of fun and play. One of the solutions is to create storage places with multifunctional furniture. This all the mess can be put away for the night and your child can get a good night’s sleep.

Shelves can at first serve as storage. This way you will save money and still have a useful piece of furniture. Use boxes to store toys, and they insert them in the shelves. As children grow, the books will start replacing the boxes, or they can serve as drawers.

Check out these 30 ideas for storing toys. The shelves for matchbox cars are my favourite.

Creating room zones

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If you have one room for all, then you have to create zones so it can serve several purposes. There must be a place to sleep and an area for playtime. You can add some tables and chairs so the kids can draw and paint. But if that takes too much space, designate a portion of the wall for them to draw.

Make sure that furniture is childproof and of appropriate height. For smaller bedrooms, you can place bunk beds with space to play underneath them. Space saving furniture is usually custom made and you can define the style with your child. Sleeping space can be transformed into a desk or hidden behind the doors to gain more space.

Use lights as decorations

Babies and small children like shiny things. They can keep their attention and help you put them to sleep more easily. Instead of glueing fluorescent stars on the ceiling, visit a lighting wholesale company and buy their solution for this decoration.

Lava lamp can be a nice accessory for teenager’s room, but light up signs seem to be the most popular these days. Resembling the neon signs from the ‘80s, these decorations can be words and shapes.


If your kids are old enough for arts and crafts, then turn decorating their room in the DIY project. This will be a wonderful family time and will give you a better idea what your child wants. Show them pictures and ask for their opinion, since it’s their room after all. And above all, have fun in the process. The children grow up fast and soon they’ll be choosing their own decorations and styles.

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